Elise screamed at the top of her lungs and before we knew it we got a knock on our door from 5 stunning boys telling us to shut up what will happen as they start to get to know eachother.


1. Getting to know the characters

Elise P.O.V

Heyyyyyy whats crackalakin , my name is Elise i am 17 with long wavy uncontrolable thick blond hair and green/gray/blue eyes. My best friends ever are courtney (a.k.a court) who is almost as weird as me and Elizabeth (a.k.a liz) who is the responsible one.

Courtney P.O.V

Yello my peeps i am Court and i am 18 with black majorly thick hair and brown eyes. i am also part jamaican. my weirdest friend and crazeist prankster is Elise (a.k.a loon) and Liz who is practically my mom.

Liz P.O.V

Hi i'm liz, im 18 yrs ond with short strawberry blond hair with blue eyes . i am shy but if you get to know me i will become the semi weirdo i am. My best friends are...... unique but totally amazing if you can deal with being scared to go to sleep because you might have writing on your face in the morning or being pranked on constantly, oh we live together in ontario (canada).

Sorry for the short chapter they will be longer





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