Free falling

This story is about Chloe - a girl who lost her friend to the celebrity world once and now are afraid of doing it again. When Niall returns to Mullingar for a vacation she dosen't know what to do. Should she talk to him, hoping they'll stay in touch this time or should she just ignore the fact that he's back?


2. The morning call

I opened my eyes and yawned tiredly. The annoying sound of my cell ringing had woken me up. The old ringtone I’ve been using for years was stilling playing as I sat up in my bed and looked at the screen. I smiled when I read my best friend’s name on it. “Good morning Leah, thanks for waking me up” I answered with sarcasm in my voice. “Oh, come on! The clock is 11, if you weren’t up before it’s definitely time for it now. And I actually called for a reason, but I guess you don’t want to know what it was…” she said prickly. She knew I’d become curious in that way. And I did, but I tried to not show it that much. “Depends on what it is. Tell me and I’ll say if it was worth to know it” “I know you’re dying to know in reality” “Either way, guess who’s coming back to town tomorrow?” She continued. “Uhm… No idea”. I didn’t expect anyone coming, so why would I know about it? “Well, listen now, cause you’re probably going to freak out. It’s Niall!” She said and it almost sounded like she was exploding. I didn’t freak out. He’d been back plenty times before, but he only stayed in a few days. I told Leah that. “I know, but this time is different. He has a month off” And this time I actually felt like my heart stopped. A month? He was staying here… in a whole month? It couldn’t be right. A couple of weeks maybe, but not a whole month. “Are you sure it’s a month?” I asked her, just in case. “Well, that’s what he wrote on twitter at least. Aren’t you happy?” “Oh. Ah, yes. Of course I am. But I gotta go now. Talk later.” I said and hung up. Honestly, I didn’t know if I were that happy. Worried, nervous and unsure about what to do, would probably be a better description. Should I in some way get in contact with him? Hoping we’d be friends again and actually stay in touch? Or should I just… let it fade? I don’t want to lose him again. Last time was hurtful enough. Hm, maybe I was overthinking. I’m going to take it as it comes. After all, I probably won’t meet him anyway. Mullingar isn’t that small.   

It was summer break by that time and I absolutely loved it. Who dosen’t? You can hang out with your friends as much you’d like to without having to worry about school. Well… Almost at least. My results weren’t that good, so I were compelled to study once in a week. But beside of that, I was completely free.   

Short one, I know. The upcoming ones will be longer. And Niall will turn up soon!!

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