Free falling

This story is about Chloe - a girl who lost her friend to the celebrity world once and now are afraid of doing it again. When Niall returns to Mullingar for a vacation she dosen't know what to do. Should she talk to him, hoping they'll stay in touch this time or should she just ignore the fact that he's back?


4. Niall


Next day mum and I went to the supermarket. I didn’t think too much about what would’ve happen if Niall was there, since I actually didn’t think he would be.   

I stood in front of the magazines and read some of the headlines, waiting for my mum. She said something about forgot the milk and seconds later she was disappeared. Standing there, watching the magazines, I noticed that a lot of them contained articles about One Direction. Gossip most of it. Not interviews and real fact, but rumors and paparazzi photos. “Harry Styles in car with unknown girl”, “Are Zayn and Perrie done?” Some of them told. One of them had a picture of Niall at the cover. He wore a simple, white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His eyes smiled softly against the camera and his hair was styled differently from what it used to be. It kinda’ looked a bit like Zayn’s, I though. “Honey, look who I met” I suddenly heard my mom’s voice saying. I took away my eyes from the cover and turned around. All air I earlier had in my lungs seemed be mysterious gone when I saw the same eyes, the beautiful smile and the blond hair that I just ben staring at. Niall. She stood there… with Niall.  “Hi Chloe” He said, a bit temptable. He kept smiling at me. “H-h-hi” I stuttered and felt his arms around me in a warm hug. “I’ve missed you” he said while hugging me. When he stopped and looked at me I just gave him a smile that told him that I’ve missed him too. Standing there with him, I couldn’t seem to figure out why I wouldn’t want to meet him again. It felt so good in that moment. “Well, I’ll go and pay for this stuff while you’re talking” My mum said and did a little gesture against the checkout.   

Niall followed us out to the car and I have to admit it, it was kind of awkward between us. He asked me how I was, but I didn’t say more than “I’m just fine”, which isn’t really the world’s best reply to keep a conversation going. It still felt good to meet him though. “Niall, maybe you would like to come with us home? I’m sure you and Chloe got a lot of things to talk about” My mum asked him while packing the food into the car. I don’t know why, but it made me a bit irritated when she asked it. I felt that it should’ve been me asking him. Niall, in other ways, didn’t seem to think it was strange at all. “I’d love to” he told her and a few minutes later all three of us sat in the car. Mum, driving, and me and Niall in the back seat, next to each other.  

My mum had a box with some stuff in, I don’t know exactly what, but either way, it resulted that Niall and me had to sit really close to each other. Therefore, I could feel his leg touching mine the whole ride and in somehow it made me kind off embarrassed. Not because I were in love with him or anything like that. I just didn’t feel really comfortable with it, since I got shy easily and it actually had been a long time since we met. We didn’t say anything in the car either. We just sat there next to each other. Sometimes I sneaked a little carefully at him, just in the eye corner, but he only noticed once and when he did he just sniggered facilely at me. I smiled and looked down at the floor. Oh god, how I missed him.  

Please comment and give me your opinion about it all! I'll try to write more as soon as possible! xx

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