Free falling

This story is about Chloe - a girl who lost her friend to the celebrity world once and now are afraid of doing it again. When Niall returns to Mullingar for a vacation she dosen't know what to do. Should she talk to him, hoping they'll stay in touch this time or should she just ignore the fact that he's back?


1. Introduction

"Jesus, calm down! You're going to be just fine. The judges will love you. Just pull yourself out there and show them the boy I've heard singing in the shower since I were in second class" I said and smiled at my friend's        facial expression. He took a deep, calming breath as he hugged me and then he turned around and went out on the stage. I heard the audience's applauses when they saw him and I also remember that already then, the girls screamed when they got just a little sight of him. It didn't surprise me, he was very cute and he had this beautiful, stunning eyes that could make any girl melt. "What's your name?" the judge named Louis wals asked. "Niall" I heard My friend saying. "Niall, Niall what?" he continued.  "Horan" He answered.

So, who am I? Cloe Thompson is your answer to that question. I live in Ireland. Mullingar actually, Niall's hometown. Two years ago I went with my very close friend and also secret crush, to support him while he auditioned for  X-factor. He ended up in a band with four other boys and they're now more famous as One Direction. Through all the celebrity and buissy life it bringed Niall, we simply lost the contact. I miss him, I really do. But at the same time, I'm so glad for him. He's able to do what he loves every single day and  that's what matters. I will take the pain it provides, as long as he's happy.

Either way - I was born two years later than Niall, so we didn't  went to school together as you might think. We met during a course that both our moms went to. Surprising simple, but it's the truth. 

And now, to the crush I told you about. I was 13 when it started. At first, I tried to ignore all the butterflies in my stomach that I suddenly started to feel when I saw him. I also tried to ignore the fact that evertime he smiled, I found myself smiling. After a while, I just accepted it. I was in love with my, probably, bestfriend. As the time went by and he became famous  my feelings pretty much cooled down   and so did our friendship.

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