Free falling

This story is about Chloe - a girl who lost her friend to the celebrity world once and now are afraid of doing it again. When Niall returns to Mullingar for a vacation she dosen't know what to do. Should she talk to him, hoping they'll stay in touch this time or should she just ignore the fact that he's back?


3. Escaping


The day after Leah called me we decided to hang out at her dad’s house, which has a pool outside and these really luxurious sun chairs. I love being there. Not only because their whole house is ten times bigger and cooler than mine, but her dad and older brother Kevin who lives there is actually quiet fun. So immediately when I woke up (late as usual), I got up from the bed and took a quick shower before I putted my new, turquoise bikini and a simple, knee long dress on. When I came down to the kitchen my mum and dad already sat at the table and ate breakfast. “Good morning” I said to both of them as I made myself a sandwich. What should I have in it? I asked myself. Hmm… “Good morning” they answered in choir, and as always my mum asked where I was going. “Nowhere special, I’m just going to hang out with Leah” I said and she nodded. When I had finished my sandwich I gave them a quick goodbye, got my shoes on and got out on our front yard.   

Gosh, it was a really hot day! I went across our wild grown grass plot to pick up my bike, which stood angled against my mum’s way too old and worn green house. I wonder when she’ll give up that house, I thought to myself.  It’s been standing there for ages and somehow, the things she plant there never survive. I jumped up at the bike and felt pretty relieved when I felt the wind breeze because of the speed. Otherwise it probably  would’ve been too hot to cycle.   

When I cycled through the town square I noticed a lot of girls were standing in one, giant hump. They all seemed pretty excited and it even looked like some of them were crying. At first I didn’t understand a single thing, but then it hit me – today was the day Niall were coming!  All those girls standing there was One Direction fans, waiting to meet him. Suddenly, my legs started to tramp faster, to get out of there. He probably wasn’t there yet and if he were, he didn’t see me… I hope. I cycled faster than I usually do for further a bit, then I slowed down and sighed. Why did I even do like that? It’s ridiculous, I can’t be that afraid of meeting him. Okay, I’m not afraid of meeting HIM. It’s just Nialler. I’m only afraid of losing him again.   

"I feel like I haven’t met you in weeks!” Leah burst out when I came to her house. She was wearing her bikini only and had her long, dark hair in a bun on the middle of her head. I’ve always wanted to have long hair, but somehow it never get there. Right now, it’s only down to the shoulders. But I like my blond, curly hair either way. “You met me five days ago” Though, I agreed with her. It felt like two weeks, not five days. “Yeah yeah. Come on, let’s go outside to Kevin. It’s too hot in here either way!” She said as she started walking against the back door. I came up behind her and we got out. Kevin was lying near the pool and listened to his iPod, but when he saw me he took of his headphones and said hi. “Hi there” I answered and smiled at him. Kevin was actually very good looking. He had a muscular, tanned body, long eyelashes and blond hair, which always fell down into his eyes. But we were just friends and nothing more. 

I spend the whole day at Leah's. And half of the time there, I thought of Niall. I was scared of meeting him, but at the same time... I wanted to. I wanted to meet him so badly, because I miss him so much. And I keep telling myself that I don't have to lose him again just because I did it once. I just don't really believe it. At least, not yet.


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