Heart of an Animal

Two twins, daughters of a Goddess. Both similar, but at heart, are different...


2. The Question

"That's impossible!" my sister shouted at the Professor. I buried my head into my hands and sighed with a heavy tone. She never listens, it COULD of happened. The Professor startled slightly by the loud but usual outburst of my sister too sighed. He clamped the heavily dusty book closed, coughing a cloud of almost ash into the already dirt and dust covered room.
"That's it for today," he snatched his bag and stormed out of the room. Having to of taught both of us since we were children, I think he's a little sick of my sister not knowing when to keep her mouth shut. Or to listen for just a moment, and think about it. I too sick of it retired from the chair, and laboured myself to my room.

I slammed the door and quickly dashed to the bookcase next to the wide window. The dark sky emitted a sense of mystery and lunar pureness into the light and airy room. I wasn't one to be dark. Even at night, I have to bask in the Moon's rays of reflected sunlight. I flicked through the pages until I came to the Myth I was looking for:

The Dragon looks in question were never recorded, let alone drawn or painted. But it's legend has definitely been recorded, all across the globe. No-one knows where it comes from, or why it comes to Earth. But all we know is that it finds a woman, every hundred years and takes them from existence. But not for eternity, for a year, and then safely returns them to where they were taken. All the women on the planet pray, wish and hope that they are taken. All the women that are taken are then regarded as something not of natural beauty, due to the radiant glow absorbed into their skin from where-ever they are taken. And are treated as a different breed of Royalty, and usually do marry into the Monarchy of theirCountry.

I couldn't see why the Dragon would want to take a woman every hundred years for a year, and then just put them back where they took them. And also, is the Dragon a girl or boy, it's not important, but it's actually interesting. Why can't people just ask the women that was taken what it looked like. I pushed the book back into the case and tumbled into my bed, not organised, almost falling off the bed. But fell asleep in a matter of minutes.


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