Our Old Cherry Tree

This poem is supposed to tell a story. But what that story is I will let you decide.


1. Our Old Cherry Tree



I remember our time together, 

How each other we would see,

Hoping those moments would last forever,

Under our old cherry tree.


But our love was forbidden,

They would not let us be,

So we tried to stay hidden,

Under our old cherry tree.


Our attempt was hopeless,

I think you would agree,

But  we were completely guiltless,

Under our old cherry tree.


They did find us though,

And in one last attempt to be free,

We ran and the thought still echos,

How we ran from our old cherry tree.


My legs, they gave way,

I told you to leave me,

Even though you wanted to stay,

Here under our old cherry tree.


Now darling hear my call,

For you said you would be with me,

So come and meet me here,

Under our old cherry tree...

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