Love Rush

Meeting them at prom was just.... wierd?


2. No..

Chapter 2

Zayn pov.

I couldn't contain myself anymore. I saw a guy grab the curly haired dancers wrist. And was yelling at her. She pulled her wrist away he was about to grab it again when I pulled her behind me.

"Stop trying to ruin other people's nights. By what I heared you didn't even want to come." I said getting kinda mad.

"who the heck are you. I don't care who you are it has nothing to do with you" with that the guy left.

Alyssa pov.

"ok we gotta go" I said pulling everyone out of there thoughts. " Grayson is outside waiting for us. We got another performance to do.

" Another one?!?!?!?" jessi said

"yep another one. At least they have our cloths."

"well we better get going. Remember the last time we were late"

"let's go get the other girls" we walked over to them. I grabbed emelys hand and pulled her away. Jessi pulled Mia. "Ciana we got to go"

"ok fine" Ciana said catching up to us.

"Wait" I heard someone yell behind me. I turned Round to see a tall hot curly haired guy running over to me." you almost forgot your bag" he held up a black purse.

"thank you very much...." I didn't know his name

"ohh yeah my name is Harry" Harry said

"I would love to continue this talk but I really have to go" I walked over to him and gave him a Hug. "thank for giving me back my bag"

With that I walked awAy. He was really hot.

"excuse me young ladies but could we get a pic of you girls and one direction" a guy around 23 said.

"ummmm why?" Ciana said

" um because you girls are real pretty and the are good lookin guys" he man said

"we don't know who one direction is sorry bit I think there are a lot of girls inside the school that know them" I said

"how do you girls not know who one direction is. We saw them walk in to this school"

"well sorr.."

"there they are HARRY,LIAM LOUIS ZAYN NIALL a picture please"

"Help us please" I I whispered to them. I hope they could lip read.

"HEY mr. Paparazzie guy could you please tell your camera crew to let go we are running really late" Emely said

"could we get a picture of you guys with these girl, so sooner we get this over with they can go" the dude said

"fine we will do it" a guy with brow hair and blue eyes said he was wearing a stripped shirt

"ok so I have we're the girls will go louis stand right there yes on the stairs lets see you with the orange dress stand next to him, ok nice let's see umm... Liam    Stand beside the orange dressed girl and blue dressed girl next to Liam as I put everyone on line put your arms around each other" the guy said he looked at louis "no Louis not on her shoulders her waist ok next lets see Niall..."

"could you hurry up"  I said

" I'm just going to ignore you ok Niall and the girl with the bright purple Harry and you pink dress" I stood next to Harry. He put his arms around me. He smelled really good " Zayn and curly haired. Ok perfect I knew this would work smile" he finally clicked on the camera

" know that you have your picture we gotta go" I said

" can we come see you dance I loved your performance few minutes ago" a girl said I think her name was kacee.

"Kacee dont just ask that they don't even know us" the striped one said

" no that's fine..." I couldn't finish

"What are guys still doing here there stalling you Better hurry up" our dance couch said his name was Bryson brown hair with brown with green specks eyes. He's 19years old

Emely Pov.

"What are waiting for you better run to the car" Bryson said

"you got to be kidding me. Let me take my heals off then" I said  leaning on to Ciana

"your the smart one to Put them back on" Ciana said " there really confteble"

" you got to be kidding me" with that's Bryson picked me up bridal style. "come on let's go" I started giggling

We all ran to the car. We squeezed in to the van. We got to the building

"WOW it's so huge!!! I love it" I said

"ok the rules here are  1)no running That's for you emely 2) no chewing gum 3) no LOL 4) have fun" jessi read the sign.L

"really I do not run I speed walk with style" I said walking up to the door. Everyone followed behind

"Girls I have your cloths go change. Goodness I love your hairs...." Maria our "sorry we're you girls at prom realty and sorry for callin you over"

As we finished the dance I looked up to see the person I never wanted to see again. I looked around scared then every thing went black.


Hey everyone what do you think?

Same dance as first chapter


Dance outfit:


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