Love Rush

Meeting them at prom was just.... wierd?


3. Bye

Chapter 3
Harry pov.

"EMELY" Alyssa yelled.

What just happend. She was fine. We all ran over to her.

"someone pick her up and bring her over to the coach in the office." Alyssa said. Wow he really beautiful can't keep my eyes off of her but Louis called me I had to look away." Don't you dare even touch her Emerson"

I turn back to see a guy infront of them. I speak up

"what's happening here. Who is this guy" I said " Zayn take her to the room now"

"ok" Zayn said picking her up bridal style

" we'll whose going to answer me"

" what are you doing here your supposed to be in jail for 10 years" Alyssa said walking foreword but stayed behind me

"well I've been a good person Ally I can't believe you would think I would last the 10 years" the dude said. I looked at him closely he had brown hair and light green eye around 20 years old. Same hight as me. But he had a ankle bracket.

"Get out of here" Alyssa said. She had a serious face on but if you looked At her beautiful eyes you can tell she's relly scared.

"You better leave" I said in a threatening voice.

"Haha Dont Get so worked up British boy it's not your concern." the dude walked away

"Who was that? What's going on" I said. Alyssa just shook her head and started to walk away. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me.

"Harry just let it go. Im not allowed to talk about it" she said pulling he hand back." don't try asking the other girls they aren't allowed to say anything too"

"Alyssa hurry she's up" Jessi ran back

Jessi Pov.

I was on my knees next to emely who was on the coach. She openend her eyes but they had no emotion like blank look.

"Alyssa" she said she kept on looking straight. It's like she was in her own little world. I grabbed her hand.

"I'm going to go get Alyssa. Louis take my place" I said getting. I saw Harry pull Alyssa back. That's when I came in.

"Alyssa hurry up she's up and is calling you" I said. Pushing her tward the room.

"CALM DOWN!!!" Louis yelled. We ran over to the room. We saw him on top of Emely holding her wrist down by her head. "STOP HURTING YOURSELF"

"GET OFF ME" she yelled back

"Louis get off of her. Your making it worse" I said pulling him off her.i know this isn't the best time to think this but I felt my stomach turn into knots "Alyssa go calm her. Louis come with me"

I pulled him out of the room.

"Don't ever do that again" I said. In a serious tone. I felt really bad but I had too.

" well sorry for trying to stop her from Hurting herself. The boys and i know we've only known you girls for a couple of hours but you've someway won your way into our hearts so we gonna worry." he said. He was half whispering and half yelling.

"well thank you for worrying about us" I said. I tripped on a cable. Idiot notice it there. I never felt the floor. I felt arms wrap themselves around my waist and pulling me to there chest

"well your the clumsy one aren't you" Louis said laughing. I felt a blush come up.

"Well well look what we got" Niall said, Mia was behind him with a huge smile one get face. "quick question do you have a twitter"

" um No but I wanna make one. Mia Marie and Alyssa have one" I said. Finally Louis let go of me. It felt so right in his arms. I felt Protected.

"Awww man make one an I'll follow you and tell Emely to make one too" He said he had a smile that said I got something for you better be ready

"jessi  we better get going. Like straight back home" Ciana yelled from the room

"not before we get ice cream. I've been craving it" emely yelled. I walked into the room everyone was sitting down. Everyone one the seats and emely on the floor.

"Hey,Harry I got your text" a beautiful girl said walking in. " what's up"

"Let's talk outside" he said pushing her out

"well today ha been the worse day for sure, Emely don't lay on the floor its dirty, we better go" I said getting off the couch. I'm the more responsible one. The leader I can say. I walked up to Emely she had her eyes closed. I patted her head shes been through a lot today.

"Bryson can you please carry her she fell asleep"

"will we ever see you girls again" Liam asked

" I don't know but it was really nice meeting you guys. You can follow us on twitter." Ciana said. She walked over and huged the boys. All of Huged them good bye.

Next day

Emely pov 6:30 am

Stupid alarm. It kept on ringing it wouldn't stop.

"TURN THAT THING OFF!!!" Mia yelled

"shut up I got it" I said sitting up on my bed " anyway we got to go to school today"

I opens my closet an took out a black embroidered denim dungarees. With a white shirt under and my black converse. I did my hair the same way . Letting the curls go wild.

"the food smells really good" I said walking in. Alyssa was cooking pancakes. She was wearing A front zip strap top high waist black skirt and black sandals.

" I like the outfit today"

"thank you"

"we gonna take the bus you can leave of you want." Ciana said walking down the stairs. She was wearing A ax paris cream crochet flower dress with cream color flats

10 minutes later 7:40

We walked into the school and went to the lower level part of the school.we sat infront of my locker. I took out my AP history book.

"are you serious" Alyssa said

"What" I said looking at her. She pointed down the hall. "ohh man what should it do?"

"go I'll distract him" she said I got up and ran down the hall turned left up to the stairs. I kept on looking back making sure he wasn't filllowing me. When I looked back it wa when I was turning right I bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to..."

"no it's fine... Emely!!!! I meet thought I would never see you again. All of us are here" Zayn said hugging me

"what are you doing here?" I said I looked behind.

"youll find out" he said with a smirk.

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