Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


31. What little words can hurt.

Harry's POV

I woke up and I was in a room that wasn't familiar. Oh yea we went to the club.

Last night at the club was fun. I didn't get that drunk last night. That club just didnt have the right drinks for me.

The only drunk ones were Catherine, Desi, and Niall. Catherine . I remember in her bedroom when we made out.

After Catherine passed out I just left her room and I guess she has a guest room. That's where all of the rest of us slept that night.

There was one thing. I told her I loved her as a joking matter but she said she loved me too. That's what I just can't get off my mind.

Sure she was drunk but a drunk mans words are more honest then a sober. So she could be telling the truth. Maybe she loves me .

I just laid there and thought when I smelled bacon. I looked around the room and I guess I was the only one up.

I walked out of the guest room and into the kitchen. What I saw was just beauty. Catherine at the stove in shorts and a big t-shirt. Her hair was in a messy bun.

She was making bacon on one side of the stove and pancake batter ready to be cooked. I smelled cinnamon rolls so she is probably making those in the oven.

She didnt notice me so I creeped behind her and hugged her from behind. She probably jumped out of her skin which was hilarious.

" it's alright love. It's just me. " I told her. I sat my chin on her shoulder . " I'm trying to cook some food here. " she said trying to hit me with her hand to shoo me away.

" you love my hugs and you know it so ill be back to give you more." I told her. I could see a little blush on her face.

I sat on the island chairs and watched her cook. She looked so concentrated. I just want to hug her and kiss her. I'm gonna ask later about last night. I need to figure out my relationships with her.

I really like her and I Remember that day when I told her I loved her in the square but i didn't know what I was doing or saying really. But now I just really like her.

I was in deep thought when a hungry Niall walked in the kitchen followed by a sleepy Desi.

" Goodmorning. Hangovers suck! " Desi exclaimed. We all let out a chuckle. " I just don't get how Catherine drank the most and she isn't hungover one bit. " she said.

" wait you aren't hungover ?" Niall said in disbelief. " nope. I have a small headache but I took Tylenol and I'm all better now. " Catherine replied putting some more finished bacon on the plate.

Niall was shocked and Desi was still moaning about how it's not fair.
the rest of the boys soon came in and sat at the table . I didn't want to look alone so I sat with them.

Desi was helping Catherine put icing on the cinnamon rolls. Once she finished icing them she put all of them on a big plate. Catherine flipped the last pancakes and put them on a big plate too. They got out seven plates and silverware. They put all the food on the island.

Desi got out the orange juice , apple juice and milk. " hold on boys I know y'all want some but just let us get ours so you don't knock us over." Catherine said to us. They got their food and drinks and sat at the table with us.

Catherine showed us with her hand that we could go and all of us ran towards the food. I got mine and sat where I was.

Louis came back and sat next to me followed by Zayn and he sat next to Catherine. Liam came second to last and sat next to Louis. And of course Niall came last with the most food of all. He sat next to Desi.

Here's the siting placements. The table is like squared so there is two chairs at the end and three chairs on each of the sides. Catherine said at the beginning of the table and on the fist side is Liam , Louis, then me. The set at the very End across from Catherine was empty. On the other side was zayn, Desi then Niall.

" so guys how did you like the club ? " Catherine asked. We all had a chorus of good. She nodded. Everyone was silent besides the chatter with Niall and Desi. " okay so I know y'all are all wondering why I have an American accent. Desi too," Catherine started off, " I was born in Georgia then my parents decided to movie here when I was only one years old. I love Miami , Florida now so much and I wonder why you guys are here ? " she explained.

We all exchanged looks. Liam started to speak," since it's summer and they gave us some of the summer away and free we came to Miami . We rented that house for the summer so we look like normal people. We don't want tons of directioners crowding us so we didnt rent a beach house. We still have concerts but not as many. Most of the concerts are here in Miami so we decided to stay here. " he explained better then any of us could.

She nodded taking it all In. We all finished eating and put them In the sink. All of us went inside the game room to play just Dance when I noticed Catherine wasn't there or Zayn. I'm going to go investigate.

I started walking when I heard water and talking . I crept over to the kitchen and there was Zayn sitting on the the island chair and Catherine washing dishes.

" I need to ask you something. " zayn started saying. She nodded her head signaling him to keep going. " last night at the club. " she stopped washing and looked at him. She turned so her back was leaning on the sink.

" a guy there was kissing you all over and then you told him to stop but he didn't so when I was wondering where you were I heard you and I came and got you away from him. - " he took a deep breath. " I wasn't drunk last night cause I didn't want to drink a lot. Well you told me you wanted that to be me and you got all flirty. We ended up makin out. " he said.

What just happened. I was getting furious. She made out with him then did the same to me. I was mad. I walked In there with my fists clenched. " y'all made out ?!?" I yelled . She looked at me with shocked face. " Harry I was - " I cut her off " save it ! You made out with Zayn when you told me last night you loved me and then you made out with me?!?! What the hell Catherine ! You seriously did that ? " I yelled at her.

She was shocked and Zayn just say there in shock too. He must've thought the same as me. Thought she loved him. But no. She made out with both of us. " Harry ! I was drunk ! I probably said any thing ! You can't just yell at me like that when you knew I was drunk and I clearly didnt remember any of that! " she yelled back at me . "Why did you do it Catherine ? You weren't that drunk . You walked fine. Why did you say you loved him and say you wished it was me ? " Zayn asked anger getting in his voice.

" what the hell is wrong with you two! I was drunk ! I don't know why I said that ! Even if I made out with a random guy it's not your business ! I'm not dating you Zayn or you Harry so what's the big deal ! We're not dating so leave me alone ! " she yelled then stormed out the front door into outside.

What she just said hurt. I really like her and i bet Zayn does too. I don't like him and me liking her at the same time. It sucks! Me and Zayn both looked at each other and gave a big breath. What little words can hurt so much.
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