Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


30. The club

Catherine's POV
We just sat there watching TV. I wanted to get all of us out of the house and have a fun night ! Keith isn't going to ruin our night !

But just where would we go ? I got it ! There's a club not too far from here. Since I live in London I'm allowed to drink. I think it will make Desi forgot about today and have some fun with Niall.

" hey guys ! " I said. They all looked at me . " let's go out tonight to a club . It's called pineapple cove and it's really fun . !" They all nodded in agreement .

" you guys go back to your house and get ready while me and Desi get ready here. It's about 6 now and me and Desi take a while to get ready. So come pick us up at 8:45 okay? " I told them. They just nodded and a chorus of yea.

They got up and we hugged goodbye even though we would be seeing each other later tonight. I hugged Harry last for some reason and he held on the longest. Weird. But a weird thing inside me liked it.

They left after the goodbyes. Me and Desi ran upstairs to my room straight to my closet.

It took so Long to choose dress to wear. Look at one. Cute. Try it on . Nope. Next. That's how it went.

I saw some clothes at the top of my rack so I needed something to step on. I looked around me and saw a box.

I sat on the floor to get it out and it was a little open. I opened it all the way and saw some cute dresses and tops I never wore but looked like Party like clothing .

I looked through it and found a beautiful black dress that is strapless and goes to the middle of my thighs. " Desi look. " she looked at me .

I showed her the dress and she was amazed. We looked through the box for a dress for her. We almost gave up when I spotted something at the bottom.

I pulled it out and it was a pink lace dress that would show out her curves and it's not see through. The sleeves go to the elbow and the length of the dress goes to the mid-thigh.

I showed it to her and she fell In love with it. We put box away and looked at shoes. I knew exactly what to wear. I grabbed my hot pink heels and I saw Desi grabbed my white heels with lace.

If I might add I love me some lace ! We came out of the closet and went to my jewelry box. Now this was going to be hard.

We looked at it trying to choose. We ended up choosing a fake diamond heart that was tiny for Desi and a spiked necklace for me that was close to my neck. Like a choker necklace .

We set up the whole outfit on my bed an stared at it . Now hair. Hmm.

" what are we going to do about hair? " I asked desi.

" you could scrunch your hair since your going sassy tonight and do a smoky eye for makeup. What should I do? " she told me.

Wow . That's a really good idea.

" curl your hair. It'll look cute. " I told her. She smiled.

We went into the bathroom and I got out the curling iron for Desi also the moose for my hair.

We brushed our hair out and I started the music. We did our hair and sang to music. It got awkward when a one direction song came on.

We finally finished our hair and we did our makeup while in the bathroom. I did a smoky eye for eyes and bright pink lipstick. Desi did a natural light gray with some white and sheer pink lipgloss.

We went into the room and stared at the outfits. Desi went into the bathroom and changed while I changed in my room.

I got my heels on and looked at myself in my body mirror . I liked my look. Desi walked out and she looked pretty as well!

I grabbed a black clutch and Desi went purse less.

My phone started ringing . I looked at it and it read Zayn . I answered it and said," hello." " hey! We are here. " he told me. " okay bye ! " bye!"

" let's go ! They're here! " I told Desi. We walked down the stairs to the door and walked out.

The boys were driving a big car that can fit all of us . The door was opened by someone inside and I got in first followed by Desi.

Liam was driving with Louis next to him in the front. In the middle row there was Niall and Harry. In the back was Zayn and an empty seat for I guess me. I got in the back with Zayn and Desi sat with Niall and Harry.

The music was blaring and I was ready to go ! I was dancing and laughing at the same time because of zayns reactions ! He elbowed me and I looked at him . He started messing with Harry's hair and Harry was freaking out! I was laughing so hard I might cry!

" I think Catherine is already drunk ! " Louis yelled! I just laughed more !

We finally arrived at the club and i was pumped ! We got out and showed our IDs to the guard and we were in ! Yes !

I walked to the bar and wanted a drink. " can I have one sex on the beach ? " I asked the bar tender . " sure thing !" He told me.

I sat on one of the seats at the bar and looked at the club. The boys were at the table and Niall was with Desi dancing ! Hahaha she can't dance !

I looked over to my side when I heard a drink clink. " here you go. " the bartender said then helped another person.

I grabbed the drink and turned back around to everyone else. I sipped the cold drink. It tasted like strawberry with a bit of sour but still good. It burned my throat a little.

I kept drinking and drinking. It tasted so good ! Before I knew It I went through 5 ! I was eager for more!

" one more ! " I slurred to the bartender. " I think that's enough ! " " fine. Atleast give me-ee one shott" I told him. He did what I said and gave it to me. I drank the whole thing In minutes.

I wanna dance ! I got up and tried not to fall. I could hear the boys laughing in the background.

I got to the dance floor and started dancing . " hey pretty lady." I heard a voice. I turned around and saw this really hot guy with brown hair and a tshirt and jeans.

We started dancing together for a long time in my mind. He grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the crowd into a hallway.

It was empty and weird. I didn't notice what was happening. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck.

It just didnt feel right. He held on to my waist. I didn't even know him. He moved up my mouth and was about to kiss me when I tried to stop him.

" stop. I don't know you." I told him. " that doesn't matter . Your sexy and your going to be mine. "

" stop get off me ! " I told him yelling.

" she said get off dude. Respect . Off now." I heard. I turned my head and saw Zayn. " ok ok she is a slut any ways. " the random dude said.

Zayn walked up to me while the guy walked off.

" you okay? " he asked.

I was still drunk so I said, " I guess but I wanted that to be you. "

I was drunk so I was saying any thing.

" I think your drunk. " he told me and laughed .

I wish I didn't say this if I was sober. " kiss me. "

" what?" He said with an eyebrow up. Damn. He is so sexy.

" you heard my Bradford boy . Kiss me on the lips before I do it for you. " I told him.

He laughed and shook his head. I grabbed his neck and started kissing him. He started kissing back .

I was so drunk but I felt it was right. He pulled apart and our noses were touching. " come on. " he said and grabbed my hand.

We walked back out to the dance floor then through it to the booth where everyone was at .

" HEY GUYS WHAT'S A CRACKA LACKIN! " I yelled and almost fell over.

They laughed at me. " you guys need a drink let me get you a million ! " I said without knowing .

They were laughing at me the whole time.

That night everyone was drinking and getting drunk besides Liam and Louis so they could drive home.

We laughed, drank, and danced ! It was a blast.

We got out off the club and I tried walking but tripped and laughed . " FLUFFY UNICORNS STRIPPED ME BAD BOY ! " I yelled out !

Liam and Louis helped me up since I was the drunkest ! We walked to the car with the boys helping me . " y'all are really muscular. Strong boys. Yummy. " I slurred.

We got in the car and I was singing random songs and saying random words.

We got back to my house and I guess they're staying here. " HARRY help me upstairs please baby? " I yelled.

He laughed and helped me upstairs. We got to my room and he helped me sit on the bed.

He sat beside me. I looked at his beautiful eyes. He looked into mine. Damn he fine! Kiss me. Kiss me.

We both leaned in and I guess we were making out. Felt so right. Harry. Harry. Yummy.

It felt like forever we were just there making out. We stopped and I laid down and was about to pass out when he whispered ," I love you." I replied before I fell asleep, " I love you too." Then I passed out and fell asleep
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