Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


13. The breakup

Catherine POV 

wait did he just say he loves me ? No! Why did he say that ! I don't want to run. He will just follow me. He really likes me. But I don't know if I can like him. 

I don't want to hate him any more. I don't want to date him. 

Wait. Did i really look upset? Was i obvious that i wasnt happy ? Oh gosh. Well i didnt want him to think that I'm sad. 

I made it official. I will be nice but we won't be besties ! " fine. I'll forgive you. But we aren't besties. Just friends. And I'm not upset. Don't know where you got that from. Just to make it clear. We will never date. Ever! Got it ? " 

I told him hoping he understood. I meant every thing I said. I just didn't want more stuff to handle with. 

"I got it." I heard Harry reply. Good he understands. But what's really getting me is that he said he loved me. I really doubt that. But maybe he just has stuff going on . Yeah . That's it ! No one loves me. Beside my family.

 " can I walk you home ? Since we are friends and it's getting dark." harry asked me. It was getting dark. And I hate walking alone in the dark. It wouldn't hurt. We are just friends now. " sure. But don't try to pull something! I will smack you faster then you can breath. " I responded. I saw a smile appear on his face. 

We were walking to my house and the sun was gone now and the street lights were on.  

We walked without saying anything. Just silent. When we passed the small store I went to other day and ran into zayn Harry said , " zayn told me that he ran into you at that store. Oh and sat on that bench . And when he told me that you agreed to answer my phone call I kinda got excited. I'm not going to lie."

 " really ? Wow. That's a store I always go to . I didn't expect to see him there. I thought it was you at first actually." I replied 

"really. Well I can see why you were so mean. You did hate me. " I kinda was shocked. I don't hate him. " I don't hate you. " " it surely explains it in your text message." he got it out his phone and showed me the group message . I read it and kinda frowned . I was so mean. What have I become ? " I'm sorry. " I told him . 

We Finally reached my house and we stopped at the front door. " thanks for walking me home" I said. He was about to say something but then my phone ringed. Desi . " hello?" " caatttherine I I neeeddd youu. " she said. Oh no what happened . " what's wrong? " " Keith cheated on me " I heard her say then I heard her sobbing. " ok I'm coming over to your house now. Stay calm ! " I need to get to her house now. I hung up the phone. 

" what's wrong? " Harry asked. " Desi boyfriend is whats wrong. Or let me say her ex Cheater boyfriend! " I said with anger! Can't believe Keith would do that! "wait he cheated on her ? That jerk ! " Harry said . 

I went inside to get my car keys and got them and went back outside to get in my car. " come on I'll give you a ride to your house. " I told

 He got in the passenger side and i started the car. I grabbed my gps and gave it to him. " put in your address." he nodded put it in and put
It on the holder. I  started on our way to his house. 

Once we got there I stopped and he said thanks and walked out the car door and shut it. I now was on my way to Desi house . 

Once I got there I parked and got
Out. I walked up to the door and without knocking I opened the door. Looked like Desi parents were gone . I looked in the living room- didnt see her - looked in her room- found her - she was in a ball on the floor rocking back and forth crying.

 I walked
Over to her sat down and put
My arm around her . " tell me. What happened. " she looked at me. Her eyes all puffy and red. She sat up. She took a breath. 

" I Was going to call him saying I was coming over but I wanted to surprise him with his
Favorite food from shanes so I went to Shane's got the food and went to his house. I was so excited to see him and I pictured him in his cute sweatpants and his baggy shirt . Once I parked in his driveway I walked through the door because we never knock. He wasnt in the game room so I went to his bedroom. And I opened the door and saw him on the bed half naked with a slut-
He looked up at me and stopped making out with the slut. He got up and tried walking over to me but I started freaking out. I threw the food at him and started breaking his stuff. Once I was done I ran out of his house and got a bat out of his garage and smashed his window then ran to my car. " she finished explaining and started sobbing again. She laid her head on my shoulder then I started rubbing her head. Keith is so
Dead for hurting my best friend. 
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