Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


23. The beach <3

I woke up excited. I haven't been to the beach in a long time. I got up and went to my closet. There was a small container under my racks that I kept my bathing suits in. I grabbed it and opened it. Hmm what to pick. I grabbed a strapless tie dye neon pink and yellow top with ruffles at the top and the tie dye bottoms. I closed the container and put it back.

Now I need a shirt and some shorts. I grabbed black Sophie shorts and a pink tank top . Now I can get dressed. I got dressed into my bathing suit and put on my shirt and shorts. I walked into my bathroom and put my hair into a high pony tail and put a head band on my head. I went back into my room and went to my desk. I opened one of the compartments and got my cheetah print sunglasses out and put them on my face then pulling them back so they sat on my head.

I forgot my shoes. I went back into my closet and grabbed some plain white flip flops. I went out of the closet and went to my desk. I got out my waterproof makeup and put it on.

I grabbed my phone off the charger and I had a text from Harry.

From Harry : hey we are on our way to your house. Desi is with us. She is giving us directions. See you in a bit !

To Harry : okay! I'll be waiting.

I locked my phone and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart. I don't heat them up so I just ate it how it was.

I finished just in time because I heard a honk when I threw the wrapper away. I grabbed my phone and walked out the door. I almost fell on the floor laughing when I saw the car they were driving . It was an old van that hippies probably used. I couldn't stop laughing. I walked to the door and opened the door. " making fun of my car huh ? " Louis said. Louis was driving Liam beside him. In the far back was Harry and Zayn and beside me was desi and Niall. " yes actually I was. " I answered Louis.

We left my house and were on the way to the beach. It was an hour away so ill be in the car for a while the boys were in there own conversations. " so Catherine which bathing suit are you wearing ? " desi asked me. " the tye die one. " I replied her. " I love that one ! I'm wearing my neon pink one. " she said. " I love that one ! " I said in a sarcastic tone. We both started laughing. It was weird. Both me and desi looked out of the window at the same time. While we were looking out the window there was a man on the sidewalk walking around half naked with a bowl saying money for a hug . Me and desi both started laughing.

" what are you guys laughing about?" Niall asked . The boys stopped their conversation to listen to us. Me and desi couldn't breathe. It was too funny. I just pointed out the window looked one more time and laughed again. " what? I'm confused. You guys are weird " Niall said . We finally stopped laughing. " if you want to say we are weird for laughing at that guy we just passed fine go ahead but I doubt we are weird for laughing. " I told Niall. " there was a guy ? " Liam asked. " yes there was. He was shirtless and had jelly rolls. " desi answered. We started laughing again but not as long.

" how much longer ?! " Niall asked Louis. " about thirty minutes. " Louis answered Niall. In thirty minutes ill be out on the beach tanning to get tanner even though I'm like a Mexican color but I'm not Mexican I need to be tanner. The boys were in their own conversations about random things but me and desi were silent while on our phones. Just when I got to Facebook my phone got snatched out of my hands. " hey who took my phone ! " I said while turned around and looked at Harry and Zayn. I looked to desi and her phone got took too. " boys phones now. " I told them. They handed them back. " thank you. " I said in a serious tone.

30 minutes passed in a long drive and we arrived at the beach. We got the stuff out and they has brought 7 towels for all of us. I grabbed one and went to go tan with desi. We walked down and set our towels near the shore but not near so we don't get wet. I laid down on the towel and started to tan . I put my sunglasses on and relaxed. Just then a shadow was over me. I took my sunglasses off and looked in front of me. " hey ! What are you guys doing ? " Louis asked blocking my sunlight . " tanning. I'm tanning my legs that's why I still have my clothes on. " I replied . " come into the water. " Louis said. " no! I don't want to right now. Ill come later boo bear. " I told him. He walked away. It was getting too hot so I took my shirt and shorts off revealing my bathing Suit. Desi did too.

" hey desi ! Come down into the water ! " Niall yelled. "Okay ! " she yelled back and ran down to the water. I was fine tanning by my self. I felt someone approaching but it probably was desi getting something. Just then I was grabbed bridal style and ran down to the water. It was Louis. " Louis let go ! Now ! " I yelled at him once he stopped at the water . " no I don't want to. " he said and continued into the water. He let me go and I went underwater. The water was cold but it felt good since I been tanning. " LOUIS ! " I yelled when I got back up above water. " what ? " he said while laughing. " it's not funny ! What if I didn't know how to swim! I could've died and you be in trouble ! " I told him. " your fine now so be quiet. " he said playfully .

every one but zayn was near me in the water spread out so I decided to go underwater and try to scare them. I went down when Louis turned his head and opened my eyes I went to desi first. I grabbed her leg and I saw her move. I went to Niall tugged his leg he freaked out. Funny. I went to Harry , I tickled his leg. He freaked out. I grabbed sea weed and went to Liam. and rubbed it against his leg. Last was Louis. I got a broken board at the bottom of then water and when I got near him I put it up so it looked like a shark. I heard him scream and start swimming. I needed air so I went back up and immediately started laughing while running for shore because I know they were going to chase me. Once I got to shore I laid on the ground laughing.

" I thought it was a shark ! " Louis exclaimed. " you got us good. Well done. " Niall told me. I couldn't stop laughing ! Their reactions were making me laugh so hard. I settled down a bit. " I could hear Louis scream under water and when I pulled desi foot I knew her face expression!! " I told them. I laughed again. I stood back up and rubbed the tears off. They came out of the water and sat on the shore. " I'll be right back. I need my phone. " I exclaimed and went back to the towel where my phone was. I grabbed it and and headed back. I sat beside Desi. I went on Instagram and clicked take photo. We were all in line on the shore. " everybody look this way. " I told them. They looked and I took the picture. It was me , Desi, Niall, they are always near each other but anyways , Louis, Harry, Liam , and Zayn in the line. I posted it and put me Desi and one direction hanging out! Then pressed post .

It was beautiful outside today. I looked at my phone it was 2 pm. Dang time flies ! I looked over at Desi and Niall. They were play fighting . They are so cute. He started tickling her and she started laughing. " no stop ! Niall stop! " she was saying that while laughing . She grabbed wet sand and threw it at him. All our faces went in a O-Shaped expression and she ran but Niall got up and ran after her. After he got up we started a sand fight.

Desi POV

Niall was tickling me so I threw sand at him and ran. He was close behind so I ran faster. I feel butterflies when I'm near him. Even though I'm a directioner I see him as him. I got shook out of my thought when someone tackled me. " caught you. " Niall said. He pinned me to the ground so I couldn't run. " okay you win. Can I be let go now? " I asked Niall. " no I think I'll just keep you pinned down. " he told me then laughed. We were staring into each others eyes. I had butterflies erupting in my stomach. He leaned down near my face so our nose was touching. " did I ever tell you how cute you looked today? " he asked me. I smiled. " no. Because I'm not cute " I told him. " don't say that. I think different. " he said that then our lips crashed together. Million butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't like making out just a simple kiss but like a minute long. When we pulled away we both had smiles on our face. He unpinned me from the ground and helped me up. " we shall go see what they are doing. " Niall told. " we shall. " I replied.
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