Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


15. The accident

Catherines POV 
I went over to the couch and sat down next to Desi. The boys were running around Being crazy. When Harry saw me he stopped and all the other boys stopped too. They ran and jumped on the couch. Niall missed the couch and landed on the floor. 

Every one started laughing including me. When we stopped laughing Niall sat on top of Louis. We were all squished on the couch. Starting from left to right, it was Louis with Niall on his lap, Liam , Harry, me , zayn, and Desi. Wait how did zayn get between me and Desi ? 

Thats weird. " let's play truth or dare !" Niall said. We all got in a circle and started playing. " ok umm Catherine truth or dare ?" Niall asked me. I hate dare and the look of how crazy they are I don't want to take any chances. " truth." I replied. Probably something silly. " is it true your mom passed ?" once I heard it I couldnt move. No one ever asked me that befor since they already assumed so I wasn't used to hearing it. " yes. It is true." I replied Niall and looked away. 

They all gasped. " excuse me." I said then walked out Desi back door to her backyard. I walked over up her tree swing and sat down on it. I miss her. My mom. When I was 15 I remember being at the hospital. She just been in a car accident. She was in surgery and we stayed there for 8 hours waiting. When the doctor came out and said she didn't make it through surgery and lost too much blood all I remember was sitting there balling my Eyes out. 

I didnt notice I was crying until I looked down and saw my pants have 
Water on them. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was Niall. " I'm so sorry. I didn't think it was true." he said. And without
Notice he hugged me. " it's ok. It was a 3 years ago and I Just overwhelmed." I replied. I got up and starting walking towards the house with him .   

Once we reached inside I saw Desi see me and when I got back to our game she gave me a little squeeze. We continued our game . It was pretty funny. Niall had to wear Desi clothes and she had to wear his for a round, zayn had to get his hair all messed up , and Liam & Louis had to pretend they were a happily married couple ! " I'm going to go get some pizzas. Orders ? " I told them and they started yelling out orders. I got a notepad and wrote them all down. 

" hey can I come ?" zayn asked. " sure." I replied. I got my keys and we went outside. We got in the car and started heading for the pizza place. I turned on the radio. 

We were almost there when this car came out of no where and ran into my side of the car. 

Zayn POV

We just got hit ! Well Catherine did ! Oh no ! She isn't moving ! I heard a siren. I got out my phone and dialed Desi number. " hello?" I heard Desi say. " Desi ! Catherines hurt ! A car just crashed with her car ! " I told her. " I'm on my way." she said then hung up.

Sorry for the short crappy chapter I been busy xx
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