Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


4. Talking about one direction with Desi

Catherine's POV 

"I love one direction!!!" Desi said while she was looking at photos on her IPhone. " I know their music but never seen their faces." I explained to her. " here look" she said while she showed me a picture of five hot guys. Wait three of them looked so familiar.... Wait thats Harry, Niall, and Zayn! The other two I didn't know. But they were cute too! " omg I ran into them today ! They are sooo annoying !! " I said. She gave me a shocked look ! " wait how ? Omg your lucky !! Did you get their number ? Call them ! " she screamed with joy! " ok calm down Desi ! They arent really that big of a deal ! But no I didn't get there numbers because they were near the tire swing and I blew up on them ! So  of course I  didn't get their number!" I replied. " man ! " she said. I kinda chuckled because her face was too funny!

I went downstairs to get some popcorn because we decided to watch a movie called ," Titanic." halfway through the movie we got bored and turned it off. Just then she got up and said ," let's go shopping in the square." I nodded my head in agreement. so we got up and got our purses then walked out the door.
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