Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


21. Having a good night in a while

Catherine's POV

We got out of the car. Home. Finally. No more hospital food. No more hospital gowns.

I got inside and went to my room. My dad had to help me since he thought I might fall backwards but yet I thought that too.

Once I got to my room I was happy. It still had my smell to it. I missed my room.

I got out my phone and went to twitter. I saw lots of things about mystery girl. Which is me but no one knows. My phone buzzed.

From Harry styles: did you see the show about me zayn and " mystery girl " . Now every one knows about the kiss. And since when did you kiss zayn?

Oh crap. He knows. But it doesn't concern him ! It's my life.

To Harry Styles: yes I saw it. But it's none of your business who I kiss or not.

From Harry Styles: sorry I never meant it in that way.

To Harry Styles: it's fine. Alright well I'm going to attempt to take a shower so bye Harry.

From Harry styles: ok bye mystery girl ;)

I locked my phone. I really need to take a shower. But I do not know how. " uh dad how do I take a shower ?" I yelled. " you get a plastic bag and put it over you cast and tie it up and hold onto your bar in the shower. " my dad yelled back.

I heard foot steps run up the stairs. In minutes my brother stood in the doorway. " hey I just got home. " jake said. He came over to me and pulled my into a big bear hug.

" I've missed you. We fight but I couldn't bear to loose you. I love you." He said. " I missed you and love you. " I replied. I could hear him sniffle into my shoulder. " hey don't cry. Don't cry don't cry don't cryyyayaya." I sang into his ear.

We had a siblings moment for 2 minutes before my dad did a fake cough and startled us. " hey dad. " I said with a cheery voice. " I got the bag so you can take a shower." Dad said. " okay thanks. " I thanked him. Both dad and jake left my room.

I walked to my bathroom. Wait how am I going to stand up? My stool in front of my desk. I went out of my bathroom. I couldn't really get the stool. " did Desi leave yet? " I yelled. " yea she left. What you need?" Dad yelled back. " I need this stool." I said And in matter of minutes my dad was helping me put it in the shower.

He left and I thanked him. I got the bag all situated on my leg and got undressed. Once I was done I got in the shower and turned the water on. I sat on the stool.

The warm water felt so good on my skin and refreshing. I washed my hair and did the rest. I turned off the water and grabbed my towel.

Now the hard part. Getting out. My towel was easy since I had a rack thing in my shower so it wouldn't get wet but how do I get dressed?

I wasn't going to change into different clothes since I loved the outfit I had on so that's easier.

I still holding onto the rail reached out with my hand out of the shower and grabbed my clothes off of the sink.

I dried myself off then put my underwear and shorts on carefully and slowly. When I finally got that on I noticed something. Where is my bra? Crap I must've dropped it or something.

I couldn't risk asking my dad. It's too awkward. I would ask a girl but Desi left and mom isn't here any more....

I shook the image of my mom out of my head. Too sad.

I put on my shirt then got my crutches . It wasn't easy but thank god I had a sink right next to my shower so I could use that for support.

I finally got on my foot. I started walking but I felt the floor slippery. I was careful and went to my drawer and got a bra. I have no clue what happened to the other room. I closed my door and sat on my bed and put the bra on.

I needed to get my hair brush so I could brush my hair out. I got my crutches and went to the bathroom. I went over to the sink and pulled out my brush from the drawer. I was on my way out when I slipped and fell.

" OW!!! " I yelled. My head hurts. I banged it on the door. My legs okay since it's in a cast. I heard foot steps. " Cat? Catherine ? Where are you?! " I heard a voice say.

It's a girl voice. Not Desi. It has to be lexie. " lexie? I'm in the bathroom. I slipped. " I yelled out. In coming lexie she helped me up and helped me to my bed. I got a pillow and propped my foot up on it. " here I'll take this bag off of your foot. Now I'll go get head ace medicine and then you get some rest. " Lexie said then left.

It's like she read my mind. I wanted medicine but I didn't want to go get it. And I was so tired and wanted rest. Not sleep but just lay down for an hour or less.

She came back with a glass of water and a pill. " here you go. I'll be downstairs with your brother if you need me. " " thanks Lexie ". I said and she left. I took the pill and swallowed it with the water. I said the water on my nightstand.

I was scared if I turned on my tv the gossip would be about mystery girl and one direction so I didn't turn it on. Instead I got on my phone.

I clicked Instagram. I took a picture of my cast . The caption said - laying in bed with this torture ! Someone come rescue me ! :( - I pressed send and put the same picture on Facebook and twitter.

My phone buzzed. I got a text message.

From Zayn- hey Catherine! How's the leg.

To Zayn- hey zayn . And it's torturous. Just slipped a few minutes ago but I'm fine.

From Zayn- what you slipped!! Pshh your probably going to never get out of that cast by the end of the few weeks!

I giggled. To Zayn- probably ! Haha ! I'm too clumsy !

From Zayn- haha yes you are! Any ways what are you doing today ?

I can't do nothing really since of my cast. I could go walk but if I get tired I don't have a car.

To Zayn: nothing really.

I wonder why he asked that.

From Zayn: ok well would you and Desi like to come over and hang with me and the boys?

If Desi is there I would go. I can see she likes Niall by the way she looks at him. So Ill be there for her and also since I know Zayn must be upset since he was in that car too.

To Zayn: yea sure. Ill come in about half an hour ?

From Zayn: yea that'll be great see you then !

I looked at his text then decided to call Desi.

It ringed a few times then she picked up. " hey Desi ! The boys want us to come over. You in? " I said. " yea definitely. Is Niall going to be there? " she asked me. See I knew she liked him. " yea. And I know you like him don't lie. " I replied. " what that's crazy! And I'll be there. " she said in an excited tone. " alright well be at my house in 10 min. Bye. " I told her " bye. " she said then hung up.

I got up, grabbed my crutches , and Went to my body sized mirror. Outfit looks good. I need new socks then I can wear my cow girl boot. Hair looks horrible. Ill get Desi to do that and makeup I can do in my bed using my mirror app. I grab my makeup out of the bathroom. It's not wet in there any more. I grabbed it out of the right drawer and went and sat straight up on my bed.

I put on my concealer then my primer. I put natural looking eye shadow. I put on my mascara an lastly I put on my lip gloss.

Ding Dong. That must be Desi. I heard the door open and my dad say I was up stairs. I heard footsteps then I saw Desi walk in the room. She was wearing a pink shirt with floral prints on it and some jean shorts like mine. He hair was down with a headband. She had on mascara and light makeup. She said her cow girl boots on.

" hey ! Come waterfall my hair! " I told her. " hey to you too ! " she said. I laughed and she walked over and sat on the bed. She started waterfalling my hair. I already had bobby pins out for her and a brush. When she was done I thanked her.

"You ready to go?" She asked me. " sure. " I said while grabbing my crutches.
She helped me downstairs and while we were walking out the front door I told my dad we will be back near 11 pm.

It was very warm and sunny today. We walked to her car and she helped me in. She put the crutches in the back seat. She got in and started the engine. We backed out and I turned on the music. It was call me maybe. We sang along.

When it was over we were almost to the boys house. A song called Live While We're Young came on. " omg that's One Directions new song !! " Desi exclaimed. We listened to the words and before I knew it. Desi knew the lyrics. Forgot she was a directioner.

We got to their house. She got out got my crutches and handed them to me. We walked up the steps to their door. We rang the doorbell. We waited and a minute later the door opened. It was Louis.

" HEY ! Long time no see ! " he said in a sarcastic tone. " hey Louis. " we both said. We walked in and I admire the house. It's so big. The living room Is what you see when you walk in and there is a kitchen to the right and there is an upstairs and I bet that's where the boys sleep. There is a hall right next to the kitchen.

There is a long red couch that spreads really long. It looks like an L shaped couch. There is a love seat and a single chair that rocks. A big flat screen TV and a fireplace below it. I go and sit on the single chair. Desi sits on the love seat . " GUYS DESI AND CATHERINE ARE HEREEEE!!!!" Louis yells.

I hear loud footsteps coming down the stairs. They come running in the living room and jump on the big L couch. Niall missed the couch and went over it and landed on the floor. We all laughed.

He got back up and say on the couch.
Louis sat down with the boys since he wasn't siting down yet. " so Catherine how's the cast for you ? Any problems. " Liam asked me. " well doctor Payne I did slip in my bathroom but nothing else really. And oh yea. IT'S A PAIN IN THE BUTT! " I answer. They start laughing. " I like the ring to that. Doctor Payne. " Liam said. I laughed and so did they.

" so guys I think I heard I don't know. A new song on the radio when we were almost here. " Desi pointed out. " yep . Live While We're Young. " Niall said. " well from a fan myself I think it's great. " Desi told them. " thanks " they all chanted. They looked at me.

" what ? " I asked. " do you have anything to say about it? " Louis said. " oh look who's getting all sassy ! " I said while snapping my hand in a Z formation. " but no I don't. " I said while smiling.

There mouths dropped open. " oh snap ! Look who just out sassied me ! " Louis announced. " shut up! " I told him. " there she goes again ! " he says. We all laugh and I give up answering to him.

" let's play truth or dare. " Zayn announces . We all get in a circle. Well they do around me since I can't really sit on the floor. " I'll go first !! " Niall says. " Liam truth or dare? " he asks Liam. " dare." He answers.

Oh gosh. Seeing these boys I bet this is going to be a funny dare. " I dare you to eat out of a spoon or call a fan. " Niall told Liam. A spoon? Really ? That's so cheesy.

" call a fan. But on Catherine's phone. " Liam said. I unlocked my phone. I went through my phone and Desi pointed out this girl named Maya. She was obsessed but not as much. I clicked her name and handed it to Liam.

" hello it's Liam Payne here. " he said into my phone. I could hear screams. " yes it really is me. I'm playing truth or dare with the boys and two girls. Yes I'm good you ? That's good. Yes thank you love. No it's not fake. Alright well I got to go love. Have a nice day. " he said then hung up.

We all busted out laughing. " she was going omg omg liam then asked me questions it was pretty funny bc she screamed most of the time. " he told us. He gave my phone back.

We continued playing. I never got picked on. Good. Desi had to go to their old neighbor and ask for a pad because she just lost hers and the neighbor was a guy. Funny. Harry had to switch clothes with Zayn. Zayn had to go and drink expired milk. Ew. Niall had to kiss Desi on the cheek. Louis had to call McDonald's and ask for mustard. 4 tons. But she just hung up.

Now it was Desi pick to choose. " Catherine. Truth or dare? " she asked. Dang it. " uh truth. " I told her. The boys booed. Niall whispered something into her ear. " is it true you have you have feelings for Zayn and Harry ? " she asked. That was so false. " false. I don't see any of y'all more than friends. " I answered.

it went silent for a while. We stopped playing and Desi and the boys talked. I barely spoke. I was tired. Suddenly my phone rang. " hello? " I said. " hey hun. It's dad. Well it's getting late so are you coming home? I really want to spend time with you. " he said. "
Yea ill be home in 10 minutes okay? " I said. " okay love you bye ! " dad said. " bye love you too. " I said then hung up.

I looked up and saw then staring at me. " my dad called. He wants me home. So thanks for having me over. I had fun." I told the boys. " yea me too. " Desi told them. They all got up and we gave each other hugs. We said goodbye then left.

We got in the car. Minutes later we got to the house. We got out and went inside. My dad and jake sat on the couch. Me and Desi sat on the couch. My dad put in a movie. It was 21 Jump Street. While watching the movie I noticed I was having a good night. I haven't had one in a while and glad I was having one today .
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