Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


14. Going to be a long night

Catherine's POV

I just got back from the store . I went to go get Desi Some Ice cream. Cookie dough.  

Man it's so awful that Keith treated her like that. If I saw him I would probably be in jail for killing him. 

I got back and she is in her usual position she has been in for days. In bed holding on to tissues staring at the telly and eyes are red and puffy. She had popcorn yesterday while she watched romance movies and kept throwing it at the telly yelling liar. I didn't want to keep cleaning it up so I told her that was the last bag. 

I went to the kitchen to get the spoon and came back with a spoon and the whole tub of Ice cream . She looked up at me and smiled. I put the ice cream in her lap and she gave me a hug. I sat next to her on the bed and turned on a happy movie . The Avengers.

It was over and Desi was asleep. I must admit Thor was pretty hot ! 
I checked my phone and it was 7pm. I don't want to leave Desi alone until her mom gets home. I guess I can stay till then. 

I got up and put mine and her phone on the chargers. I want to clean her room since its so messy. I start by around her bed. Dang there's so many tissues ! I get her trash can and start going around her bed picking up the tissues and extra trash. 

Now I'm going around the room picking up her other trash and when I'm down I go put the trash in the outside trash can. When I come back inside I start picking up her clothes and putting them in her laundry basket and started folding the clean ones or putting them on hangers. I went to her closet and put the folded clothes in the drawer and put the clothes on hangers up on the rack. 

When I finished cleaning her room I sat down on her bed. She looks like a mess. And kinda Stinks ! I know ! I'm going to take her out to bliss and get things off her mind! I went to get closet picked out a cute outfit. A white top with some designs that look like a lot of necklaces on it and coral pink shorts. For earrings I got these teal ones out and I got these white sandals out. I'll do her nails in coral pink. 

When I got it laid out on her desk I decided to wake her up. I started shaking her and her eyes flattered
open. She looked across the room and a smile appeared her face . She gave me a hug then got out of bed. I helped her make her bed and then I said ," come on. Go take a shower and I'll tell you what we are
Going to do for the rest of the daylight ! " she nodded and then went into her bathroom. I heard water turn on and I got out my phone. I'm going to call Niall . It rang a few times then I heard it stop 

 " hey no time to talk I'm trying to make Desi get her mind off things and she likes y'all band so even though I really don't I'm making her happy. Come by her house at 8pm tonight and we will watch a movie or something. It's 634 west point avenue." I told Niall  . " ok. Well I'll try to be there. " he told me. " it's for Desi . Not me. " i hung up because I didn't want to talk any more. 

I heard the water turn off and I locked my phone and put it on the charger . When she got out of the bathroom I pulled out the desk chair.

 It had a mirror in front Of her desk. I got a brush and started parting her hair. I did a wave braid on both sides on her head. When I was done I did her makeup. Spunky but natural. I gave her the clothes I picked out and she went to go get dressed. When she came out I was happy with my success. 

She let me use some of her clothes since I'm not at my house. I got a blue and white shirt that was striped. I got red skinny jeans. I put on gray sparkly toms and went to her mirror. I had makeup in my purse so I got it out and started putting it on. I curled my hair and put hairspray in it. 

We got in my car and she hugged me befor we left. 7:20pm. Perfect. We drove to the square and got to bliss. We parked and payed the pre-parking post and went inside.

It's so cool in there. It's painted like its a cup cake ! The chairs are cup cake shaped and there is a room for little kids to play in decorated all cup cake themed. The walls are green with pink poka Dot and the floors look like sprinkles. We went up to the counter and looked at the menu. 

There is like every kind of cupcake here. My favorite is red velvet and hers is the Recees peanut butter cup. We ordered and payed and went over to sit down.

 " We have to be back by eight  just to let you know. I got those boys coming over to hang out with you. " I told Desi. " really ? Omg your awesome ! Wait are you going to stay ?" Desi asked me. It kinda seems like she wants me to. And she is still hurt so I'm going to do whatever she wants for a few days. " sure. " we chatted for a while about random stuff then we got our purses then left. 

When we arrived back at her house it was 7:55 pm. I had 5 minutes to get myself together. I didn't notice but I was pacing back and forth. I heard a knock on the door . I ran to the living room and turned on the Telly. I got in a position like I been like this forever. Desi ran down the stairs and opened the door. 

" HEY ! DESI ! " I heard them chant. " hey guys. Come on in. " Desi said. " hey Catherine. " I looked at them and replied , " hi. " I looked back at the tv. I was watching pretty little liars. " hey I met them at one of the carpet awards. " Liam said. I looked at him. " not fair ! I love this show ! " I answered. They all sat down on the couch and started chatting away so I went to the game room to watch it. 

The game room was pink with blue poko dots and bean bags and a big tv. I turned the tv on and found the show and pressed watch. It ended so I went back to the living room. They were talking and being crazy. Oh gosh . Going to be a Long night. 
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