Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


17. Going through the pain

Catherine's POV 

I was talking to the doctor. Once I woke up I guess someone called the doctor in. While I was talking to him I was hurting. My leg really was hurting.

"so any pain?" the doctor said. " yes. A lot of pain in my leg and some in every other part." I answered him. He wrote it down on his board. " well you did break your left leg and nothin else broke but you were just in a car accident. You are going to have pain but I'll get you med-" I cut him of when I saw Desi in the doorway. " Desi !" I screamed out . She ran over to me and gave me a light hug . Man I missed her so much !

 We stopped hugging and she sat in one of the chairs near me. Zayn, niall, harry, Liam, and Louis walked in the door. " hey Catherine! " they all said. I waved and they sat down. " so how are you ? " Liam asked. " I'm alive. I have a broken leg and bruises. But I guess I'm going to have to wear a cast. " I answered him. " that's better. You were on so many medications before . You never woke till now. " liam said. 

My dad walked in with food from the cafeteria. It was an apple and water. Jake and lexie walked in. They all sat down.

" I just talked to your doctor in the hallway He said he is goin to check out your leg one more time and put it in a cast and see if you can come home." dad said. " ok. " I answered him. 

I sat there. It was silent in the room. 
I got the remote off of the small counter near me. I turned the tv on and picked out a movie. The last song. 

I started watching it and it was such a good movie ! I was half way through the movie when my doctor walked In with a computer in his hand. I turned the tv off and laid the remote back on the table. 

" ok. Well I have the medication. I'll insert that into your tubes in a second. But I'm going to check your leg out and see how Long you'll have to wear it. " he said. He walked over to my leg and started examine it. He started typing notes in his computer.

He went back to looking At it. He started pressing down lightly at parts of my leg. " ow! " I said when he pressed down on my leg. He stopped and went to his computer. " ok your leg is tense so I'm going to put you on a cast for 2 and a half weeks." he told me. 

" when can she come home ?" jake  said. " well she will be In lots of pain so we are going to keep her here for two more  nights so she can get used to the cast and we can get her prepared to go home. " the doctor answered jake.

He went over to my tube and got out his medication from the counter. I didnt notice till now that he had medicine with him.   He started inserting the medicine in the tubes.

" this should make the pain go away." the doctor said then walked out. 
I really noticed something. Where's my phone? " dad. Where's my phone ? " I asked him. " oh here . I went and got it replaced. " dad answered. " thanks daddy!" I said. He gave me my phone and I unlocked it an went to Facebook. Dang! 300 Notifacations ! 

I went through them and they were all about me and the accident. Some stupid rumors like I was walking and the car smashed me. No. Not true. I wanted to put these people mind at peace. 

I clicked status. Hey guys ! Thanks for the concern ! I'm at the hospital ! Broken leg ! Yikes .. Well I was in my car and a crazy guy went on a red light when it was a green light for me. I'm okay now ! Thanks again ! xx 

I pressed post and then I went to instagram. Dang ! 500 Notifacations ! I looked at all the photos. Get well, hope you feel better, car accident things like that. I took a photo of my lower Half of my bed. At the hospital ! Thanks for the concern ! I pressed okay. I went to twitter and dang ! There's a lot ! 250 maybe . 

I tweeted - thanks for the concern ! It made my day ! Well besides the fact that I'll be okay ! Thanks ! Xx - I pressed tweet. My phone started buzzing like crazy ! 200 people like my facebook status, 167 liked my photo, and 100 retweets ! I turned off my Notifacations because my phone was buzzing so much.

" hi guys." a nurse said while she walked in the door. We waved. " I'm coming to put your cast on ! Fun right ! Well it's going to hurt because you aren't prepared so I'll be giving you some sleep medicine. " she told us. " what color do you want ? " she asked me. The boys started yelling out colors. " pink. " I told her. That was Desi suggestion. She nodded her head and got a tube of medicine out of the carton she brought in. " bye guys see you in a little while ! " I said. They chuckled. She put the medicine in the tube. I saw Harry wave as my eyes fluttered closed. 
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