Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


27. Contest winner !

Hey guys ! From the contest I got sooo many kiks that I had to sit down write down the usernames and read all entries. But I had to choose one but all of the ideas were amazayn! The winner Is username: Harry Is My Kryptonite ! Congratulations ! I got a great idea for you to be in my book! Thanks for the entries and I'm in the process of writing a chapter ! If you have any chapter suggestions comment ! Oh and I'm going to call my readers nicknames - not mean ones - so comment suggestions down in the comments too ! Bye xx

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