Young But Complicated Love

18 year old, Catherine, lives in a house with her dad and her 16 year old brother jake and when she was 15 her mom passed. When Catherine runs into three boys with the names Harry Niall and zayn will she fall in love with Harry or possibly zayn? When her bestfriend goes through a horrible breakup will Niall be there to make her love again. And will they become bestfriends with one Direction? Hope you enjoy xx


7. Brusters & Harry

Catherines POV 
When we walked in Brusters I was in dead shock ! I saw Harry, zayn, and Niall and the two other boys sitting at the table ! I can't believe they are here ! They are every where I go!!! I'm so mad but I almost walked out when Desi said ," come on just go sit over there and you'll be fine. I'll go get the ice-cream." then she gestured to a table. I'm so mad ! It's like they have me on a tracker !! I went and sat at the table and put a deal of the day menu up in front of my face so the boys don't see me.

If they- I was caught off of my thought when a Manly voice said
" catherine ?" Damn it. I moved the menu and looked. Of course. It's harry. "do you need something?" I said with a unhappy smile on my face. " well I just saw you and wanted to say hi." Harry explained. "Well you said hi so goodbye !" I said with an annoyed tone. " look can we talk please?" he asked. " no! Now go away." I replied. He waved goodbye then left. Thank god ! Well I just want my ice cream then to leave. He just needs to leave people alone sometimes ! Not every one likes him ! Including me.

Why does he like me ? Im pretty sure I made it clear. He is cute I will admit but I just don't like him. He thinks he can just can get any one and one of those people he thinks is me. News flash Harry your wrong ! He is such a jerk ! I don't know why I'm thinking of him ! And where's my icecream ?!
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