If I'm louder would you see me?

Desi is having a very hard life! her parents died in a car accident, and she has an abusive boyfriend named Mathew, Mathew tryed to kill her in her sleep but someone special came to the rescue! Desi has been living in a shelter for about 4 years but then soon moved in with Niall! Her new boyfriend(: read to find out what happens next!!! xoxo


4. Staying at Catherines house

P.O.V ~ Catherine

When Desi ended the call she was very mad , I knew something was wrong. " Are you okay Desi?" I ask her. " NO!!!! My house was just on fire, everything of mine is destroyed, and I have no where to live!!!" she screamed at me while she was crying. " you can live with me until we find you a new home" I said to Desi with a huge grin on my face. " are you sure you want me to?" she asked. " yes I'm positive" I replied! " ok, well let me get the stuff they managed to save and I'll put it in my car" she said to me. " Thank you soo much for letting her stay with you Catherine, I was going to ask if she could stay with me but I don't really know her, and she doesn't know me" Niall said sadly. " your welcome Niall!" I said to him. Desi came back with a box and put it in her 2012 Honda, and signaled me to hurry up so we can leave. I noticed she was exhausted! So I'm walking to the car and I feel someones hand on my shoulder, I look up and it was Niall. " take good care of her, she had a long day" he said to me. " ok I will" I replied to him. " also can you give me her number just incase something happens?" Niall asked. " ok " and I gave him Desi's number, got in the car, and drove home with Desi! When we got home I showed her where she will be staying
" WOAHHH THIS ROOM IS SOO HUGE" Desi screamed at me! Then I gave her the rest of the house tour. " I'm getting in the shower" Desi said. " ok , the bathroom is on your right" I said to Desi. She left her phone on her bed. I heard a buzz and I ran up the stairs to see what that was. It was a text from Niall!
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