If I'm louder would you see me?

Desi is having a very hard life! her parents died in a car accident, and she has an abusive boyfriend named Mathew, Mathew tryed to kill her in her sleep but someone special came to the rescue! Desi has been living in a shelter for about 4 years but then soon moved in with Niall! Her new boyfriend(: read to find out what happens next!!! xoxo


3. Nandos!

P.O.V ~ Niall

After I just met Desi me and the rest of the boys decided to go to Nandos to celebrate being a band for 2 years. We walked in and sat down at a random table, there was a girl all alone next to our table, and she looked like Desi. " Desi? Is that you?" I asked her. " Niall? What are you doing here? " she asked worried. As I said that a girl came rushing in and was panicking! " DESI MATHEW KNOWS WHERE WE ARE WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!" I was soo confused what was happening. " who's mathew?" i asked Desi. As I asked that a guy ran in, and was about to attack someone! " IM MATHEW" he screamed at me and ran over to Desi with a knife, he had threatend to kill her if she didnt go home with him now! Louis walked out of Nandos and called the police. 15 mins later of silence the police came and took mathew away in hand cuffs.
" thank you soo much Louis, you saved my life" Desi said to Louis with a huge grin on her face.
" your welcome love" Louis replies back to her. " OMG YOUR LOUIS AND NIALL FROM ONE DIRECTION" Catherine screamed! Desi looked confused. " yep that's us! Zayn,Liam, and Harry are at the back table!" Niall said to Catherine. " no wonder why you looked soo familiar when I met you" Desi said to me. BUZZZZ Desi's phone began to ring. It was a call from the fire department!
" hello is this Desi I'm speaking to ma'am?" a lady asks Desi ." yes this is Desi, why what happend?" Desi says with a scared expression on her face. " your house was caught on fire today, I'm afraid all of your stuff got destroyed but we managed to save some pictures of family" the lady said sadly. " ok thanks for telling me" Desi then hung up the phone.
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