If I'm louder would you see me?

Desi is having a very hard life! her parents died in a car accident, and she has an abusive boyfriend named Mathew, Mathew tryed to kill her in her sleep but someone special came to the rescue! Desi has been living in a shelter for about 4 years but then soon moved in with Niall! Her new boyfriend(: read to find out what happens next!!! xoxo


1. What am I going to do now?

P.O.V~ Desi

Wake up!!! It's already 12:43pm and we have to go shopping today! Did you forget ? My Bestfriend Catherine asked. No I didn't forget , you should've told me earlier I screamed at catherine, Just get up now!! Catherine screamed at me. Ok fine I'm up! As I get up I went to my mirror And brushed my long brown hair and put it up into a messy bun, grabbed my iPhone off of my bed and walked downstairs to eat breakfast!. As I arrived in my kitchen I saw Catherine slaving over the stove trying to make some scrambled eggs and pancakes, so I just took the pan from her and cooked breakfast for us. When all a sudden I hear someone scream BABE WHERE ARE YOU? I stopped what I was doing letting Catherine take over and walked to the door to find my abusive boyfriend Mathew standing there with a knife in his hand, I felt my heart beat go insane and u screamed for Catherine!
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