Forbidden Love *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Harry and Kat live in a world 2,000 years from now, the laws have changed a lot since 2012, one of these laws is, you cannot date nor marry someone that is not in the same country as you, also you may only visit another country 3 times in your life, well right now Kat is in england her first venture - that is what they call the 3 times you visit a different country, your ventures- her pars- what they call your selected parents (its all explained in the first chapter)- are finally letting her use one up! When she arives in the beautiful country, the family that is choosen to care for her while she is there, does not show up, they send there son, harry, to retreive Kat and bring her home, but when Kat and Harry first look at each other, they immediatly lock eyes, they soon fall in love and are forced to make a dicision that will change there lives forever, will Kat and Harry run away together, or will they continue with there normal lives and forget everything that happened between them?


6. The result of the kiss

Kat's POV:

          We all just stood there starring at one another, when Harry broke the wretched silance "Mum?" he questioned, she shook her head

"Yes, deary" she answered politly, harry and i both looked at each other with confusion 

"Well...." harry continued  

"Well what" she asked, and she was serious about it, then harry just got right to the point  

"Well aren't you going to give us a big lecture about how we should never do that again, and that we could get in serious trouble, and to not tell anyone about anything?" he interagated 

"Now why would i do that deary?" she questioned, both Harry and I were even more shocked then when she had walked in the room "hahaha" she started laughing hysterically Harry and I gave each other another look like 'what is this women crazy' "oh you two" she started "i'm not mad" she took a deep breath "I remember my first venture, I fell in love with a handsome Italian man, only he was too scared of the consequences from being in love with an english girl, that he avoided me the whole year I was there and never spook to me again..... Now just because I couldnt have my venture fairytale doesn't mean you too can't but you are right about one thing Harry, you can not tell a single soul about this, people are cruel, and they will rat you out in a second, it will just be a little secret between us three" Both our jaws dropped and then harry smiled "you two have fun now, i'm going to go out and look for your father, where could that man possibly be, ciao" she waved and then walked out the door. Then harry smiled at me and tryed to kiss me again but I backed away and went into my room and didnt come out for the rest of the night

Harry's POV:

        When i tryed kissing Kat again she ran away from me! What was the problem! My mum was surprisingly fine with everything and after hearing her crazy story, i knew she really did want Kat and I to be together, but why didn't Kat? I swished the thought out of my mind, maybe she was just overwealmed, ill give her some time. 

        The next mornoing Kat was still in her room so i decided to get up and make pancakes and bacon to lure her in, but then i heard to voices, one sounded like hers and the other sounded like maybe one of her friends, she must have been pixeling her, so i went by her door to listen in

"ok, so I have to tell you something but you have to promise not to tell anyone or else I can get in some serious trouble" Kat explained

"Oh My Gawd Tell me tell me tell me!!!" the other voice screeched

"Ok so, the guy im staying with, ya know the really cute one I was telling you about" I looked down and blushed, maybe she did like me, I listened in again, I didn't want to miss anything

"Yeah???" the other girl urged 

"Ok, so" I could tell that Kat was hesitant about telling her friend "We kissed, well actually, he kissed me....but then i kissed him..." she finally said, damn Kat what if that friend of yours tells someone, I wanted to blurt out, there was a long moment of silence before i heard the other girl let out a loud scream

"Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd" the girl repeted, her voice was very annoying and the way she said god was just irritating, I wish she would just shut up so i could only hear Kat's beautiful voice 

"Shhhh sh sh" Kat demanded "Alex, shut up" 

"Well soooorrrryyy, what do you expect me to do" 

"Um, don't scream" Kat remarked 

"Well, are you gonna go out with him or not" her friend asked excitingly

"Are you crazy!!!" Kat shouted "of course not!"

"Why?! Don't you like him?" Alex asked

"Well yeah" Kat said softly but then quickly snaped back "But, may i remind you that, that is very illegal"

"Uh so, you already kissed him" alex reminded her

"Um, no, actually he kissed me!" Kat corrected 

"but then u kissed him" Alex jerked 

"so he kissed me first what was i suppose to do" Kat protesed 

"Kat" alex started "a kiss is a kiss, whether or not you kissed him, or he kissed you, you still like him" there was a short pause "see your blushing, haha, Kat loves Harry, Kat loves Karry" 

"I don't love him!" kat snaped 

"Yeah but you still like him" alex teased 

"Yeah, I dooo" Kat pouted 

"Haha see i told you, i'm always right" alex exclaimed proudly

"Ok, alex, first of all, I came here to find my birth mother" Kat was here to find her birth mother!! Oh my Gawd! "and second" she continued as she interupted my thoughts "I really dont feel like getting played by some rock star" 

"Um, hello, rock star, you didn't tell me he was a rock star, and how do you know hes a player?" Alex asked nonchanontly 

"Yeah he's in a like, a really famous boy band, like on the radio and stuff" I heard alex gasp as Kat continued to talk "and um, remember the last guy I dated that was in a band?" Kat questioned

"Yeah" alex replied 

"And how did that turn out?" Kat asked 

"Uh, good point" alex realized 

"Ok, well I got to go, I smell bacon, which means Harry's up, i'll talk to you soon" I heard Kat say 

"K, bye, have fun with Harry" Alex teased some more as the call ended, thank go too that that was the last i'd be hearing of Alex's disturbing voice. I ran down stairs before Kat could see that I was ease dropping, and I thought about the conversation, there was one thing that Kat had said that was stuck in my mind, I just cant belive that she thinks im a player.

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