Forbidden Love *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Harry and Kat live in a world 2,000 years from now, the laws have changed a lot since 2012, one of these laws is, you cannot date nor marry someone that is not in the same country as you, also you may only visit another country 3 times in your life, well right now Kat is in england her first venture - that is what they call the 3 times you visit a different country, your ventures- her pars- what they call your selected parents (its all explained in the first chapter)- are finally letting her use one up! When she arives in the beautiful country, the family that is choosen to care for her while she is there, does not show up, they send there son, harry, to retreive Kat and bring her home, but when Kat and Harry first look at each other, they immediatly lock eyes, they soon fall in love and are forced to make a dicision that will change there lives forever, will Kat and Harry run away together, or will they continue with there normal lives and forget everything that happened between them?


3. The arrival

Harry's POV:

         Today was the day. My family and I had been assigned to take care of a 16 year old girl while she was on her first venture, she was so lucky i'm not allowed to go on my first venture until I'm an adult which for the time being, in England, in the year 4012, is 20 years old, why 20?!?! My pars were both sick so they asked me to pick the girl up from the airport. I wondered what she would look like, I created an image in my head, blonde hair, with indigo eyes, skinny lips and bushy eyebrows. I laughed at the thought, because i knew that she would probably look nothing like that, and I was right.

        When I arived at the airport, I didnt really know what i was looking for, the venture organizers were well, really unorganized, all I know is that she's 16 and her name is Katrissa, so i decided to do what most people do and hold up a sign with her name on it. i saw a young girl that looked about 16 walking twords me, she was the complete opposite of what i imagined her to be. She had long medium brown wavy hair, her figure was perfect and her bright green shirt matched her glisining eyes perfectly. Her stylish multicolored jeans complimented her hips in just the right way, and her nails were painted a shiny shade of pink. She was beautiful, more beautiful then any other girl I've ever seen before, he had dimples to, just like mine. 

"Hi" i say with a shake in my voice "You must be Katrissa"

"That I am" she responds in a perky voice "oh, and, you can call me Kat"

"Kat"I mumble softly to myself.

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