Forbidden Love *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Harry and Kat live in a world 2,000 years from now, the laws have changed a lot since 2012, one of these laws is, you cannot date nor marry someone that is not in the same country as you, also you may only visit another country 3 times in your life, well right now Kat is in england her first venture - that is what they call the 3 times you visit a different country, your ventures- her pars- what they call your selected parents (its all explained in the first chapter)- are finally letting her use one up! When she arives in the beautiful country, the family that is choosen to care for her while she is there, does not show up, they send there son, harry, to retreive Kat and bring her home, but when Kat and Harry first look at each other, they immediatly lock eyes, they soon fall in love and are forced to make a dicision that will change there lives forever, will Kat and Harry run away together, or will they continue with there normal lives and forget everything that happened between them?


7. Meeting the Boys

Kat's POV:       

       "Hi Harry" I say softly

"Oh, hello Kat" he says back

"How's your morning been" I ask 

"It's been, ok" he replies, I could tell something was wrong so I ask him "Somethings up, I know it" he looked down and then looked back up at me

"Well, do you really think i'm a player, Kat" he questions

"Oh, you heard that" this time I was the one looking down 

"Yeah, I heard kind of all of it" he remarks. I kept my head down, by now my cheeks probably looked like a tomatoes

"So, do you" he asks again

"I...I..d...don't... know, its just, my last boyfriend-" he cuts me off

"But i'm not your last boyfriend" he starts leaning into me, closer and closer while rapping his arm around my waist, my heart starts racing like a car trying to win first place in a race car competition, I mean do I want him to kiss me, no, I dont know, I don't know, I step back just in time, a second more and our lips would've been touching

"Kat!" he screams 

"Im sorry" I yell back

"Kat, I would never do anything to hurt you, why cant you just trust me?!" without thinking I just grabed the back of his head, pulled it close and kissed him, he spun me around and i leaned against the counter as we pulled appart to take a breath but then quickly pressed our lips against the other once again, 


*3 weeks later*


"Oh my gosh I'm late!" harry screams while running down the stairs putting on his jacket and crabs my wrist tugging me along.

"Late for what?" I giggle

"We're suppose to meet the boys at 12:30" suddenly my smile turns into a frown 

"The boys?" I ask, he fills me in "yeah, the rest of the boys in the band, you know the ones you heard on the radio the first day you got here" 

"Oh" I say kind of nervous 

"Oh don't worry, there all pretty much like me, there all funny, and love to sing, obviously, I think they'll like you" he explains

"Well in that case" I joke

"Don't get any ideas love, your mine, all mine" he gives me one more soft kiss and draggs me out the door. We arrive at the flat and walk in the front door 

"Welp, here we are, Liams flat, oh by the way this is louis, niall, zayn, and liam, guys this is Kat" they all shake my hand and some of them hug me, they are all very friendly 

"Harry, i'm a bit hungry, is there anywhere i cant get a quick snack to eat?" I ask 

"Yes babe, i'm sure Liams refrigerator isn't totally empty" he smirks. I roll my eyes and give him  a quick peck as i walk into the kitchen, leaving the rest of the boys with their jaws to the floor, i guess they weren't seeing that coming but i really want to hear what there reactions are so I ease drop and listen in on the conversation as i pretend to get food

"Harry, would you like to explain to us what that was all about?" Liam remarks

"I don't know?" harry replies

"Are you two in a relationship?" Liam asks as his eyes widen 

"No, no, not a relationship, well, actually, I don't know, but, its not a relationship, at least we never said it was" he explains

"But it's certainly not nothing mate" Niall chimes in 

"Will you all just forget about it" Harry pleads

"But harry, its illegal" Louis cries

"Well, its not my fault, I love her"

Harry's POV:

      'I love her' the words rang in my head over and over 'i love her, i love her' I didn't mean to say it, it just, well, slipped.

"But shes an american, you cant be in love with an american" Niall overwhelmingly sighs, as for Zayn he just stays as quiet as a mouse, but then finally says something

"Why don't we all just stop worrying about it and just let fate run its course" 

"Shut up Zayn" all the boys except for me say in unison

"Ya know for once Zayns inspirational words may be of use, we should all just forget about it and let fate run its course" I repeat 

"The fans find my helpful words of wisdom useful" Zayn whimpers

"Yeah, yeah Zayn" we again say together, this time adding me in 

"I'm going to go see whats taking Kat so long" i say running into the kitchen, then i see Kat quickly turning away and grabbing an apple from the refrigerator

"We're you ease dropping" I ask in suspicion 

"What, no" she exclaims 

"Yes, you were, you were ease dropping on me and the boys" 

"Shit, busted" she laughs "well i think its only right, you were ease dropping on my conversation with Alexa few weeks ago..yes harry i knew you were standing by the door" she giggles, then something hits me, did she hear when i said that i love her, just then the rest of the boys walk in the kitchen aimlessly, starring at Kat

"Did you find everything okay?" Louis asks her 

"Yes, thank you" she holds up the apple to show him 

"Ahhh she's a healthy eater" Niall whines as he grabs the pringles from the cabinet 

"ah ah uh, i love a good McDonalds sometimes" she says in defense 

"Sometimes!!!" Niall screeched it makes Kat giggle and then Louis shouts "Oh My God" in horror

"What?!?!?!?!?!?!" we all scream worried 

"Their Dimples match" Louis screams at the top of his lungs and we all start hysterically laughing 

"They do don't they" I repeat and give Kat a soft kiss on the lips 

"Ewwww" the boys whine as they head back into the living room."guys don't worry we'll keep your secret, you seem, cute" lois exclaimes while motioning to the guys as they all give little nods in there blessings. but Kat pulls my arm motioning me to come back into the kitchen

"By the way Harry" she whispers in my ear "I love you too" I blush as she skips into the living room



Authors note:

           I'm sorry guys, I have writers block!!!! I might not post for a few days until I get some ideas, i'm sooo sorry, I feel really bad, but I promise when im cured from this horrible writers block I'll post like 4 chapters every day for a week, I swear, thanks for understanding! I'm going to put this in the comments section just so i can make sure that all my lovely viewers will see it, so dont be creeped out when you see this both places. bye for now!! xxx



          Good news everybody my writers block is cured!!!!! Bad news, school started, I promise, promise, promise I WILL post tomorrow! But unfortunately I have a big summer book report thing due and I really need to focus, but I will make time for this if I have to! 3 new chapters will be posted tomorrow, I cant wait and I hope u guys cant either! 



Omg guys i'm so sorry I completly forgot about movellas because of this stupid book report but its all over now, god I cant believe I've been so busy i'm sooooooooo so so so so sorry, I feel really bad, i'll find a way to make it up to you guys i'm writing write now, I swear

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