Forbidden Love *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Harry and Kat live in a world 2,000 years from now, the laws have changed a lot since 2012, one of these laws is, you cannot date nor marry someone that is not in the same country as you, also you may only visit another country 3 times in your life, well right now Kat is in england her first venture - that is what they call the 3 times you visit a different country, your ventures- her pars- what they call your selected parents (its all explained in the first chapter)- are finally letting her use one up! When she arives in the beautiful country, the family that is choosen to care for her while she is there, does not show up, they send there son, harry, to retreive Kat and bring her home, but when Kat and Harry first look at each other, they immediatly lock eyes, they soon fall in love and are forced to make a dicision that will change there lives forever, will Kat and Harry run away together, or will they continue with there normal lives and forget everything that happened between them?


8. Love?

Kat's POV:

        Love, the word echoed in my brain, did I really mean it? was I really in love? I always thought about it an imagined how it would be. But I never imagined that I would be the one in love. I didnt really know what it felt like, so I wasnt really sure. I think I'm in love, but then again maybe not. I dont know, I've always thought that I would be the girl who is forced to be with someone then has to go away for nine months and reproduce, and then come back like nothing ever happened, and then get shoved with a child that I really didnt know how to take care of, but now everythings changed, well, I hope. I've liked boys, of corse, im 16, but i've never felt this way about someone before. Then again maybe I have, maybe im just lost in the excitment of being a teenager and breaking the law, the adrenaline rush of people finding out, Or maybe I am, really, in love and I ment what I said. Hopefully. I've never really thought about love this way. I think its all a game, I mean, love is abused. When people say "make love" your not really making love, your just being forced to try and love someone by having a powerful connection with them, but the problem with that is, the connection doesn't really work unless you actually love that person. Love barely exists anymore, at least it should only exist for certain people who actualy do love the person they are with, oh no, what if i'm right. What if I dont love Harry. What do i tell him. Well I have to tell him, he can't just go on tthinking that I love him, maybe I should just stop this all together, maybe I should just continue this journey the way I intendeed it to go in the first place.

"Harry?" I say, oh no what did i just do? Am i really gonna tell him? I have to. No, i'm only gonna be here for a year then i'm never gonna see him again so why does it matter. Oh but that's the thing i'm only going to see him for a year so i should at least be honest with him, right, i'll just be honest. No. Yes. No. Yes. Oh gosh i'm playing war with myself. I just don't know what to do.

"Yes, love" he replies in that oh so sweet british accent. No I cant do it. I cant just crush his spirit like that. it would be so cruel. But he has to know the truth. It would be even more cruel if I just lied to him like that. I was getting overwhelmed, and my eyes started to fill up with tears, and the horror in my face began to show. 

"Whats the matter? Kat, you look petrified." Harry began to hold me and try to calm me down. I just ran out of his arms, ran out the door, and ran down several streets. I just kept running and running and crying and running and running and running and running, and i felt like my legs were going to fall off but i just kept on running. I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't stop running, and I couldn't stop thinking that this whole thing was a disaster. Then this random bum comes up to me and grabs me and puts a cloth around my face, and then everything just goes black


Author's Note:

OMG guys i am so so so so so so so so so so so x 1000000000 so srrry!!!!!!!! so much has been going on in my life right now and i just kinda like completely forgot about movellas, ill get updating both of my stories right away!!

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