Forbidden Love *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Harry and Kat live in a world 2,000 years from now, the laws have changed a lot since 2012, one of these laws is, you cannot date nor marry someone that is not in the same country as you, also you may only visit another country 3 times in your life, well right now Kat is in england her first venture - that is what they call the 3 times you visit a different country, your ventures- her pars- what they call your selected parents (its all explained in the first chapter)- are finally letting her use one up! When she arives in the beautiful country, the family that is choosen to care for her while she is there, does not show up, they send there son, harry, to retreive Kat and bring her home, but when Kat and Harry first look at each other, they immediatly lock eyes, they soon fall in love and are forced to make a dicision that will change there lives forever, will Kat and Harry run away together, or will they continue with there normal lives and forget everything that happened between them?


10. Colby



Colby's POV: 

I walked up to the old abandoned shed that the Jakel and Labie were talking about. Well, it wasn’t scary at all; they are so cute only 8 and 10. I've only been here 3 weeks and I already love the family I’m staying with! So I was checking out the shed to make sure it was al safe for them when I heard something coming from the back of the shed. I walk around the back of the shed and I see this man throwing this girl on the ground. 

"Hello there, um what might you be doing with that girl?" I asked suspiciously 

"Oh, um" he hesitated "I um I just um, well you see this girl here she passed out and I was just bringing her home"

"Well I don’t think the back of an old shed would be the way to her house" I say noticing the cloth he was holding, and I knew exactly what he was trying to do, and he WASNT going to get away with it.

"Yes well, she is quite heavy and I was just putting her down for a second on the nice soft grass" he came up with. But you see this guy is seriously really stupid if he thinks I'm going to believe that!  

"Ok well you go on and take her home now, and while your at it, why don’t you not ever do what you were going to do to this poor girl EVER again" and after I made my clear stern statement I punched him smack dab in the jaw and then kicked him in a place where you do not want to be kicked if you're a male.  I picked up the girl and brought her to the place I was staying, luckily the Montgomery’s were home and they immediately called the police and I described what the man looked like to them. The girl sat so peacefully on my bed well the Montgomery’s bed. She looked so beautiful. She WAS so beautiful. In fact she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen to bad she’s probably English. But then she woke and when I heard her voice say "Wher...Where am I.." my eyes lit up and I smiled because she was in fact American

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