Together As One

Lily and Louis have been best friends since childhood. After Louis auditions for the X-Factor and joins a group, Lily goes to meet them. Lily then falls in love with one of the group members, but does he love her back or does another member love her? (There is already a sequel up. It's called Look After You.)


2. Life Saver


Lily:I woke up with the sun streaming through my curtains. I picked up my phone from the bedside table and clicked the home button. It was 8:50 in the morning. My alarm was going to ring in ten minutes anyway so I decided to get up then. I rose out of bed and yawned. I made sure to take my phone with me into the bathroom just in case anyone called. After I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and creamed, I went into my closet to search for my outfit of the day. I finally settled on skinny jeans and a black tank top with the words “well jel” on it in red. To complete the outfit, I wore my red toms and a red bag. Then, I went back into the bathroom and put on eyeliner, mascara, and pink lipgloss. Finally, I took the towel off of my hair where I wrapped it when I came out of the shower. I blowdried my hair and then decided to curl it. There! The look was perfect. On my way downstairs I knocked on Olivers door. I thought I heard a faint “come in!” so I did. I walked in to see Olivers room, messy as always. I scanned the room looking for my unorganized older brother. Just then, the bathroom door opened and Oliver walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. “youre not ready yet? I asked in disbelief. “we have to pick up Louis in ten minutes!” “I know that, twit,” he said in a teasing tone. “I just don’t have anything to wear.” “I looked around his room and saw clothes strewn all over the room and I bet there were more in the bathroom too. “I have nothing clean” he continued. “well if you put things in the wash once in a while instead of throwing them ont the floor, maybe you would have clean clothes.” I said. “wow,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “someone really doesn’t want to be driven today does she?” a smile spread across his lips. My brother was very good looking. We had the same straight brown hair. His eyes were grey with green flecks. Mine were that color too but only on sunny days. If it was gloomy outside or I was in a bad mood, my eyes were grey and if it is really cold or evening time, my eyes were pale blue. I looked at my brother and as I looked at his hair I remembered something. Last weekend, my brother had gone shopping when he wasn’t supposed to, and he needed me to hide the clothes in my nook. He had bought a few shirts and a pair of black jeans. “wait right here,” I told him and took off before he had time to ask any questions. I went into my room and shifted my full-length mirror to reveal a small door about half the size of a normal one. My room had a special hidden area. When we first moved into the house, my parents made sure I got that room so I would have somewhere to read, do homework, listen to music, or just relax. After it was decorated, nobody was allowed to go in there without my permission. It was my sangtuary. My nook. The only other person that has been in there is Lou. I yanked open the door, crouched down a little to fit through , and stood tall again when I was inside. I headed straight for the chair that I remember I had laid it on. I picked up the navy blue colored plastic bag with white handles, and walked out of the nook. On my way out I made sure I closed the door and put the mirror back in its place. I dashed back to my brothers room, and held the bag out to him. When he saw it, his eyes lit up. “Lil, youre a lifesaver,” he said. “thank you.” “just hurry up,” I told him leaving the room. Downstairs I found dad drinking his tea and watching football in his robe. “Morning, Dad” I said. “whats the score?” “two-nill,” dad said barely paying me any mind. I looked at the score and saw that Manchester was beating Chealsea. “Lou will be happy about this,” I thought to myself. The game was almost over and there was no way Chealsea could come back. Suddenly, my dad looks at me.he must have been surprised to see me dressed or even awake(Usually, I sleep until noon on a Saturday) because he asked “you going out,”  “yeah just with Louis. Ollie is driving us and I think he’ll just hang around. We are going to the cinema and well probably grab a bite.” I replied. “okay” is all he replied. I don’t know why this took me by surprise. I mean, what else was he going to say? “wheres mum,” I asked him curiously. “still asleep,” he replied ‘shes got a bit of a headache.” Just then, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I looked at the caller id which said: “Boobear <3” I immediately picked up. “hey, Lou,” I answered my phone. “Lily pad!” he practically yelled into the phone. “you on your way?” I sucked in air through my teeth. “err…no. im sorry, Oliver couldn’t find anything to wear.” Just then Ollie came stomping downstairs, keys in one hand, phone in the other. “lets go!” he said cheerfully as he grabbed an orange juice box from the fridge. “we’re leaving now,” I said into the phone. “see you soon,” he replied simply. I hung up the phone, gave my dad a kiss on the cheek, and left the house. 

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