Together As One

Lily and Louis have been best friends since childhood. After Louis auditions for the X-Factor and joins a group, Lily goes to meet them. Lily then falls in love with one of the group members, but does he love her back or does another member love her? (There is already a sequel up. It's called Look After You.)


8. Interview


Lily: After the rehearsal, the boys had a lot of interviews to do. All the interviews were in different places all over the city. We had 3 hours to get them all done before the boys had to get ready for the show. We got into the black van and drove off. When we pulled up at a tv studio, a security guard guided us through a crowd to the entrance. The boys were immediately pulled aside into the hair and makeup room and to my surprise, so was I. Louis looked at me and must have seen the surprise on my face. “they might want to interview you too.” He said. “oh.” I replied. I didn’t know if I wanted to be interviewed. Good thing this wasn’t a live show or I might have puked right then and there. When we were finished getting hair and makeup done, a woman led us through a corridor into a huge, yet, cozy room. In the room, another woman was sitting in a chair and there was a sofa and a loveseat, which I guessed was for the boys. I stopped walking while the boys took their seats. I decided to stay back unless I was invited to sit down and join them. “Hello boys,” the woman said in a warm voice. “How are you today?” the boys replied politely and answered the questions. Finally the woman said, “I understand you boys have brought a someone here with you today” Liam nodded and waved for me to come and join them. Louis, Harry, and Zayn made room for me on the sofa and I sat down shyly. “Who did you boys bring?” she asked. “Well, this is my best mate from home, Lily” Louis said. “She came to spend a couple weeks with me and she just met the lads.” The woman nodded. “And Lily, what do you think of the boys?” “Well, I just met them a couple hours ago and we had some time to sit down and talk. I will get to know them over the next couple weeks and I guess we’ll see if I like them or not.” I said giving a cheeky smile. The boys laughed. The interview lasted about 10 more minutes and then we left, and were driven to the next interview.

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