Together As One

Lily and Louis have been best friends since childhood. After Louis auditions for the X-Factor and joins a group, Lily goes to meet them. Lily then falls in love with one of the group members, but does he love her back or does another member love her? (There is already a sequel up. It's called Look After You.)


19. Guilt


Niall: I felt so bad! What did I do to Lily? I needed to think. I just went off to my room and sat on my bed and started listening to some Michael Bublé. I heard a knock at my door. “Nialler? Can I come in?” It sounded like Louis. I wasn’t mad at him. He was just trying to protect Lil. I understood and probably would have done the same thing.  “Yeah. Come in.” I said, pausing my music. He opened the door slowly, came in, and closed it behind him. “I am so so so so so sorry!” he apologized. “It’s okay. I understand. Now do you want to tell me what’s going on??” I asked. “Yeah, sure mate” he said. Had he been crying? “Come on” he said, walking out of the room.

We got to the living room where everyone was. Louis started to speak, “I’m sure you’re all wondering why I gathered you all here today.” That was typical Lou. Always bringing humor to a tense situation. “Oh, just get to the point, Tommo!” Liam joked. Before Louis spoke again, I saw a tear roll down his cheek. “This is really hard for lily and I to talk or even think about and it’s really REALLY personal, but she…WE want you all to know. Lily used to have a younger brother. He was 9 years younger than her and his name was Reece.  When he was two, he was diagnosed with ALL, which is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He kept getting worse until he was about five. Then, the doctors said he was getting better. Just as we thought he was going to be okay, about a week after his sixth birthday, the cancer came back, stronger this time. Less than two weeks later, he died. It was hard for everyone, but especially hard for Lily. She loved being a big sister and she and Reece were so close…” By this time, Louis had loads of tears falling down his face. There was no point in wiping them away because when he did, new tears would immediately replace the old ones. I had a couple tears running down my face too. Another innocent child life taken by this horrible disease. Earlier, I had asked Lily if anything tragic had happened in her life. She must have started thinking about Reece. I felt absolutely horrible. “We miss him so much.” Louis said, crying harder. Liam and Zayn got up to comfort him while Harry sat on the couch with his head in his hands. I just got up and walked back to my room. 

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