Together As One

Lily and Louis have been best friends since childhood. After Louis auditions for the X-Factor and joins a group, Lily goes to meet them. Lily then falls in love with one of the group members, but does he love her back or does another member love her? (There is already a sequel up. It's called Look After You.)


14. Change


Lily: after I got dressed, I wrote a note:


I went with Niall to his hair appointment. Be back soon enough!

-Lily xx

I set it on my bed and quietly tiptoed out of the room to the kitchen. As soon as Niall saw me, he whisper-yelled “LILYYY!!” and scooped me into a bear hug. He took my hand and led me out of the house. “Uhhhh…who’s gonna drive us?” I asked him. “We’re walking.” He said, giving a cheeky smile. “Its only about a fifteen minute walk so not far.” “fiiiineeee…” I said, giving in.


When we got to the salon, Niall sat in the chair to get his hair dyed again. A woman walked up to me and asked, “What will you be getting today ma’am?” I thought about it. I was tired of my boring old straight brown hair. “I think I would like to dye it and have it dip- dyed another color please.” Niall looked at me with a scared look on his face. “Lou would kill me! Please don’t do this!” I laughed. “Why would Lou kill you? Its MY hair its MY choice.” I smiled. “Don’t worry” I assured him. He smiled his adorable smile. “You don’t need to change. You are beautiful the way you are.” He said, still trying. “shutup its not going to work.” I joked with him. “Fine.” He said. Just then, the woman spoke again. “do you know what colors you would like?” I automatically answered, “ Maybe black…with a golden honey color for the dip.” “Okay.” She replied, leading me to my seat. I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like. But, I was more excited to see what Louis would think of it. Maybe he will get mad…? 

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