Together As One

Lily and Louis have been best friends since childhood. After Louis auditions for the X-Factor and joins a group, Lily goes to meet them. Lily then falls in love with one of the group members, but does he love her back or does another member love her? (There is already a sequel up. It's called Look After You.)


13. Appointment

*A/N: sorry i have not been writing as much as i would like to. i just started school and i am REALLY busy. I really appreciate the comments you guys are leaving and any constructive criticism will be appreciated too. i will try to write more i promise :) also this story will probably be kinda long so it wont be over for a while. i also have a sequel in mind if i feel like there should not be all the information crammed into one story. i wont let myself sleep tonight until i post at least 2 more chapters. Enjoy :)*


Niall: The next day, I had to go to some hair place to get my hair dyed again. It was getting pretty dark. I didn’t want to be without Lily though. My appointment was at noon and it was 11:10. I texted Lily to ask her to come with me.


Niall: Morning lovely ;) I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to the hair shop with me today?

Lily: Morning :) sure what time is your appointment?

Niall: YAAAY! :) my appmt is at noon. Is Lou awake yet?

Lily: no should I wake him?

Niall: no I want this to just be u and me ;) now get ready

Lily: okay :) I’ll leave him a note and meet me in the kitchen at 11:40

Niall: I’ll be there! We have to be extra quiet so we don’t wake anyone

Lily: k. see you soon :)


I smiled to myself and went to go get ready. I wore gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. I put on my black Adidas, got my keys and phone, and headed to the kitchen to meet Lily.

*A/N: Sorry this is a short chapter! the next one will be longer, i promise!*

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