On the Run

A girl named Arianna runs away from her violent boyfriend and in the process finds love with a member of one direction but is her cheating boyfriend ready to let her go?

Hope you love it beautiful people!


7. The Beach

Arianna's P.O.V.

Today I woke up to the smell of pancakes! I walked downstairs to see Zayn making or should I say trying to make pancakes and when he saw me he said " Awww! I want to finish before you woke up!" I smiled and said "Would you like some help?" He frowned and said "No! Go seat down!" As he began to push me lightly to the table in the kitchen and handed me a bag. I began to open the back and found a pair of sunglasses, sunblock, a lovely hat, and a huge blanket. "We are going to the beach! I said running upstairs. I came downstairs in a Navy Blue bikini I got from Abercrombie and Fitch and Zayn stared at me mouth wide open I laughed and ran into the living room to get my shorts that I had left in my suitcase I put my tank top on and went back in the kitchen. "Awww! Why couldn't people just be happy with bikini's but, no lets make other clothes to cover hot girl like Arianna up!" I smiled and laughed and Zayn began to laugh too. Zayn made a proud smile and said "Done... I think!?" I laughed and ran over to him with my plate and he gave me a pancake I put my favorite syru on it and began to eat. "Delicious!" I said with my mouth full. He laughed and said "Yeah! It's amaZAYN!  I laughed and said "Yep!" He ran upstairs and changed into his swim shorts and put a shirt on quickly and then put his sunglasses and hat on. I did the same and we ran out the door with the bag of stuff. "Won't people recognize you? I asked "Already taken care of. I will stay in thi stuff to we get to a partof the beach were their is barely anyone. The beach is like 3 miles long so we will probably only have to walk a mile at the most. I smiled and said "Okay!"

Zayn's P.O.V.

I can't wait to I can take all of this shit off and me and Arianna can have some fun at the beach just me and her! I want her to remember this day for the rest of her life! I love her! I plan on telling her I love her today, I have never told a girl that I never got that close to one before but, Arianna is diffrent! Can't wait for tonight!

Arianna's P.O.V.

"Yay were here! I yelled smiling huge. We jumped out of the car and I took my tank top off since it was so hot I feel bad for Zayn has to wear all his clothes with a hat. Zayn was right we walked almost a mile to their was nobody in sight. We laided out the blanket and Zayn grabbed me and pulled me close to him and kissed me passionately. I smiled and said "Now get those clothes off!" He laughed and threw them off and shoved them in the bag I took my shorts off and I rubed the sunscreen on Zayn and he rubbed it on me and I am pretty sure that was his favorite part of the day by far. "Having fun?!" I asked as he finshed putting the lotion on my chest! "You know it!" Zayn said laughing. I asked him "You want to go in the water?" He made a scared face and said "Well, okay but we can't go to far I can't swim and I am really scared." He said. "Okay! Let's go!" I grabbed Zayn's hand and we ran over to the water he grabbed me and took me off the ground and above his shoulders. "Let me down know!" I screamed "Now?!" he said pretending to throw me into the ocean. "Never mind!" I said laughing as he chuckled. Zayn walked a little further to the water was at his waist.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I don't know what the hell I am doing! I just forgot all about being scared I was to busy having fun! I put her down so the water was at her waist to and I ut my hand on her back and puled her closer and she leaned in and I leaned and we kissed for about a minute then I grabbed her and carried her like you do when you are carring your bride! Then I stopped put her on trhe ground laughed and ran yelling "Beat you to the banket!" She yelled back "Not fair!" I heard her though so she was close once I was there I turned around and boom! She tackled me and said "I think it's fair to say I won!" I laughed and said "Okay, okay, you won!" She laughed and rolled off of me and we both laid there staring at each other to I said "Arianna, I love you!" She smiled and said "Not as much as I love you!" I chuckled and said "Oh no! You do not want to fight over this because I will win beacaue I love YOU more! She laughed and said "Alright it wuldn't be fair if I won all the time! We both laughed and then we stayed there to it was about 7:00 "We better get going!" I said said sadly and Arianna said "Yeah, we should."

Arianna's P.O.V

We began walking back to the car holding hands but, it was pretty dark and there was no one near by so Zayn didn't even bother putting his sunglasses and hat on. It was pretty creppy tho. I saw a group of guys standing at the corner of were we had to turn then the car would be about 50 feet away. As we turned the corner. One of the guys said "Hey baby! What going on?" I smiled at the guy and said "Hi!" He smiled back then grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards him and I pulled my hand back trying to gert away Zayn ran over and said "What are you doing let go of her!?" The guy laughed and said "What is she you girl?" The guy laughed and so did the rest of his friends while 1 of the guys friends started walking towards me and said "She sure is a beauty. We will give you $50 if you walk away and pretend you never saw us. The man said smiling to Zayn as he began to play with my bikini! "I screamed get the hell away from me and the Zayn punched the guy holding me and grabbed my hand as we ran and he pulled out his keys and unlocked the door to the car as we ran! I could hear the gus running close behind we quickly got in the car and drove away! Zayn took a deep breath and said "You okay love?" I looked at him and said "Well, excet for the fact that I almost got raped yeah!" He sighed and said "I am so sorry!" I laughed and said "Why!? I f I had been with Daid he would have took the $50 and ran! You were so brave baby. I love you." He smiled and said "I am just glad your okay! I love you more!" I laughed and we turned on the radio and we began to sing when "What Makes You Beautiful" came on. A few seconds later I got a call from a unknown caller. I answered and said "Hello?" "Hey gorgeous!" I heard a familar voice say. Oh my god! It's David! I nervously said "What is it!?" He laughed and said "Now is that anyway to talk to your love of your life and also the man holding a gun to your Mom's head!" I gasped and said "What!? You better be joking! I will kill you!" He laughed and said "You heard me now if you don't want me to pull the trigger then get your ass down here ALONE at 10:00! Before he hung up I heard my mother yell "Help!" Zayn looked nervous and said "What wrong hun?" I didn't want him to freak out and I din't want him to call the police so I said "It was just my friend Ammarah she was telling me her boyfriend cheated on her!" Zayn looked suspicious and said "So your gonna kill her?" I said "What!?" "You said I am going to kill you! Those were you exact words!" Zayn said nervously. I quickly said "Oh I heard her boyfriend in the backround." I could tell he didn't belive me completly but, at the moment my mind was filled with other thoughts as soon as we got home Zayn was so tired he fell right asleep.

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