On the Run

A girl named Arianna runs away from her violent boyfriend and in the process finds love with a member of one direction but is her cheating boyfriend ready to let her go?

Hope you love it beautiful people!


12. Oh no

Ammarah's POV

ow ow ow ow ow! he is pulling my arm, hard. He takes me into another room with a bed. It looks like a bedroom. He throws me on the bed and has a nasty, evil smirk plastered on his dirty little face. That bastard thinks he is gonna get away with this well just wait you piece of shit, you are gonna be soooo sorry. "You know i was thinking, maybe beore i kill you, i could have some fun myself, and maybe even torture you so you wish you were dead." He said and my eyes widened at the thought of it. Oh hell no. He is not gonna rape me. Then he cuffed my hands to the bed andntaped my mouth shut. oh no. Then he took out a whip- oh hell to the fuck no. He whipped me once and i cried out in pain. Ten he laughed at me.

Niall's POV

Where is she. I miss her sooo much. sheis not picking up anyof my calls or texts. Im getting so worried.

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