On the Run

A girl named Arianna runs away from her violent boyfriend and in the process finds love with a member of one direction but is her cheating boyfriend ready to let her go?

Hope you love it beautiful people!


9. Moving On

Zayn's P.O.V

Arianna has been really depressed lately, I don't blame her. Her mom was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, she was almost raped, and she thinks it's all her fault! I wish there was something I could do but, she dosen't want to go anywhere and she dosen't want to see anyone. I invited the guys over and Arianna's best friend, Ammarah. I hope they can cheer her up! I got the call yesterday that David was being locked up for 30 years, I plan on telling her tomorrow, I don't need to remind her about it anymore.

Louis's P.O.V

I feel so bad for Arianna. I can't even imagine what she is going through! At least the bastard got 30 years! Zayn said that Arianna's friend is going to be there to, I think it was the one that LOVES Niall. I am bringing carrots over to Zayn's place well, I guess now it's Arianna's place too. Those to became a couple pretty fast! Liam sure feels bad after what he said about the poor girl.

Arianna's P.O.V

I have sat on this couch staring at the wall for about 2 hours now! Zayn was talking to me earlier but, to be honest everything he said was just a blur. He has been trying so hard to get me feeling better but, I am just really depressed right now. I keep imagining everything over and over. What if I had done this or what about that. It's all my fault! I started crying and Zayn ran over and held me in his arms I like when he does that I feel safe.

Ammarah's P.O.V

I hopped in the car I should be there in 10 minutes tops. I drove down the rode till I saw the fancy neighborhood and the right house. Poor Ari! Ireally have been wanting to see her but, not like this I knocked on the door and Niall answered the door and said "You must be Ammarah! Come on in!" I smiled at him but, when I came in I heard crying and saw Arianna rolled up in a boll on the couch with Zayn sitting right next to her saying "Don't you dareblam yourself while Louis looked so sad. I ran ver to her and said "Hey Ari! It's your best friend, Ammarah! Trying to cheer her up she wiped the tears from her eyes and turned around so she was looking at me. "Hi!" I said again and Arianna hugged me and said quitely "I missed you so much!" I was happy to she her not crying and said "Not as much as I missed you! You have got to tell me everything about your cute boyfriend over there!" I said laughing and she giggled.

Arianna's P.O.V

I had missed Ammarah I thought she forgot about me! She could always make me smile. "Now who want's to eat!?" Ammarah said. I didn't really have a choice because Ammarah jumped up grabbed my hand and pulled me around the house to she finnaly found the dinning room and sat me down in the closest chair and she laughed and I laughed too. Zayn ran in behind us and said "Yay! I saw that pretty smile of yours!" I giggled and he gave me a sweet little kiss and I laughed. I felt like myself again. I was inbettween Zayn and Ammarah and Ammarah was across from Niall and I could tell Niall liked Ammarah. Niall finnaly said "so, Ammarah, Arianna told me you LOVE me!" Ammarah blushed and gave me a short glare then loooked back at Niall and said "No! She was joking about that you know her." Ammarah is awful at lying. She could not tell a lie to save her life. I was not about to let Ammarah ruin this for her self so I ran into the room where Ammarah left her purse reached in grabbed her cellphone and ran back to the diningroom and turned her phone on and the wallpaper was none other then Niall Horan. "Proof!" I yelled and showed Niall the phone! He laughed and Ammarah gave me the face that meant I am going to kill you! I grinned and said "You'll think me later." and laughed. Niall said "so, you do like me?" Ammarah realized she had been defeated and said "Yeah I have a LITTLE crush." I laughed and said "A little!" Ammarah was now really embarrassed and said "Oh fine I have a BIG crush on you!" Niall started laughing and wouldn't stop.

Ammarah's P.O.V

I would probably be killing Arianna right now if it wasn't for the fact that I was lost in Niall's laugh, it was adorable! If only Niall liked me back! Wait! What did Louis just whisper to Niall and Niall whispered back! Oh no! He probably dosen't like me! No! Louis grinned at Niall and I heard him say "Tell her!" and then Niall said "No!" Louis grinned and said "Ammarah, Niall fancies you!" Niall looked embarrased and I almost chocked on my food when he said that! "Really!"

Arianna's. P.O.V

Ammarah and Niall exchanged numbers and me and Ammarah planned to meet at the mall for some shopping! me and Ammarah hugged and then she said "See you tommorrow!" and we all said goodbye as Ammarah, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry left. Once they were all in their cars Zayn and I went upstairs and we talked for a while. Zayn puthis hand on my waist and ulled me closer to him and pressed his lips against mine and we kept kissing for a few minutes then

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