On the Run

A girl named Arianna runs away from her violent boyfriend and in the process finds love with a member of one direction but is her cheating boyfriend ready to let her go?

Hope you love it beautiful people!


8. I Will Save You Mom!

Arianna's P.O.V

I ran into my room 9:35 better hurry and changed into a pair of sweatpants and a tanktop and slipped a knife into my pocket in case I need to protect myself. I wrote a note for Zayn saying "I love you so much and if I don't come back I am so sorry I was trying to help my mother! I am so sorry! I love you! Hopefully I will be able to say that to you again! I carefully took the keys from Zayn and quitely slipped out the front door and drove away I was there in about 5 minutes. 9:55 I swear to god if he hhad hurt my Mom I will make him suffer! I went over to the door and knocked twice with my hand in my pocket ready to stab. No one answered so I went over to the fence and opened the gate door it was really dark so I barely could see the house was completly dark I was terrified! I grabbed the knife and took it out as I walked silently. I walked to the back door and saw that it was unlocked  slid it open and looked around I didn't see anything and Bang! I got hit int he head with David's gun! I moaned he said "You came early honey you should have called!" Were is your boyfriend?" as he picked up a flashlight and shined it on a picture of me and Zayn holding hands. H e began to chuckle. I moaned "Were is my mom?" I was barely concious and he said "Oh yeah her!" He laughed and grabbed me by my hair and dragged my along to I was in the room that we used to sleep together in. I looked around I didn't see my mother till he walked to the side of the bed still pulling me along as bloood trickled down me from my head he shined it on my mothe tied to a chair with duck tape on her mouth he ripped it off and my mother cried out "I love you honey!" Then, David hit her in the head and she became unconcious.

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up and noticed Arianna wasn't with me when I looke to my side I saw a letter I read it and beganto cry. "I knew there was something wrong!" I called the guys and read them the note! Liam said "I knew there was something wrong with that girl!" I yelled at Limaa and said "You don't know her like I do she needs help and I am going to find her!" I hung up and walked outside well, she took the car so now I have to walk. I bet she is at David's house, he is a fuckin crazy bastard probably took her Mom if only I knew where he lived. I thought about it and staryed walking towards were the were tire marks she probably would be in a rush so I followe dthem but, once I was out of the neighborhood they stopped. "No what!" I looked around looking for clues not sure what to do. I walked around hopiing to find something anything then I got a text it said "fidnfushniugfni" What the hell!? Wait it's from Arianna! She is alive at least! I texted back "Where r u? I got another text saying "Come find her pretty boy!" I heard a gun shot and started running towards the noise.

Arianna's P.O.V

Mom is still unconcious and now Zayn is falling right into his trap too. David texted Zayn again probably pretending to be me and the address. He had already tied me down to the bed and kept mking me kiss him and say I love him! He is a disgustiong phyco path I had lost the knife when David hit me in the head with the gun the first time. I need to get to the hospital and fast and so does my Mom she isn't waking up. David walked out of the room probably ready to hit Zayn in the head! This is all my fought I should have just called the police I just wasn't thinking straight I heard a knock on the door. No Zayn! No! I began to cry and heard a loud thoud. David was now bringing Zayn in the room and picked him up and threw him on top of me! "Now! This is who you really love right?" The one your cheating on me with! Well, tell him you love him and the reason he is in this ain is because you chaeated! Come on hurry! David said pointing the gun to me. Zayn was now cocious but, wasn't moving. "I am sorry Zayn this is my fault! I love you so much!" David laughed and said "but, why is it your fault why do I have to do this?" I began to cry more and said "because I cheated on you." David slapped me and said "How dare you! You little bitch!" Now your going to cheat on him and do it like you mean it or I pull the trigger on your Moma then your little boyfriend." David got on the bed and pushed him out of the way but made sure Zayn could see! He started kissing me he smelled of achol and ciggaretts but, I got all of us in this mess so now I have to get us out I began to kiss him like I really loved him and played with his hair! "Nice baby!" David said laughing. "Now let's she what's under those clothes!" David trying to sound sexy but that's impossible with him. That must have made Zayn really mad because he punched David so hard and grabbed my hand and we ran out! "My mother!" I screamed. Then boom it was odviously a gun shot I screamed "Mom!" Zayn wouldn't let me go back inside and quickly called the police he could barely talk but he pulled it off. When the ambulance and police showed up they arrested David and they got my mother out I never even got to see her because they rushed her to the hospital. Zayn took me back home as we waited for the call from the hospital Zayn made sure he called the guys and explained. A few hours later we got the call and I was to scared and shocked to move so Zayn ran and got the phone. When he hung up he stared at me and I he started rubbing my back and said "I am so sorry honey." I screamed and began to cry. "I didn't even get to say goodbye! It's all my fault!" I cried more and more. Zayn moved me over into his lap and said "It's not you fault! It's David's fault he is the fucking crazy basterd!"

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