Safe and Sound

She could'nt leave. Not here. Not now. *DISCONTINUED*


4. Who's Dallas?

Nialls POV
I woke up this morning to buzzing, sounded like a cell phone. It was Bree's phone. The text was from someone named Dallas and it reads, "you're gonna pay for what you did bitch. im gonna find you and im gonna take you right back to my house. you live with me, not that fuckin son of a bith superstar niall."

Who the hell is Dallas? Why does Bree know him anyways?

I wanted to wake up Bree. I started tickeling her neck, and she woke up, luaghing slightly.

" Morning babe." I said as she woke up. " Morning." she answered. She gave me as kiss on the cheek and started to rub her eyes. She looked at her phone, which was still in my hands. Shit. " Why do you have my phone?" she aksed and angrily grabbed it out of my hands. " Who's Dallas?" I had to get to the point. A tear rolled her face. I wiped it away with my thumb. " My old boyfriend." she answered. Tears started to fill up in her eyes. "He's the reason why i got this cut." she continued, pointing to her stomach. She started crying. I hugged her. " It's okay babe." I said, with a tear rolling down my cheek as well. When we let go, Bree asked me, " How did you hear about Dallas?" she asked. Her face was red and puffy, as well as her eyes. " He sent you a text" I answered. Shw looked at her phone. She looked at her phone and covered her mouth. " Oh my god......." she said. Bree bursted into tears and hugged me for a while. " You have to protect me." she whispered in my ear. "You're not safe either. You need to protect yourself too." I kissed my neck. " Dont worry babe. I will."
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