Safe and Sound

She could'nt leave. Not here. Not now. *DISCONTINUED*


2. Stiches

Nialls POV
I was getting tired of running, but I needed to get this girl to the hospital. I looked down. She looked like she was sleeping. I guess she fainted in my arms, due to blood loss. The blood from her stomach got all over my white tee shirt and dripped on my white Nikes, but I did'nt care.
When we got to the hospital, the desk lady gave us a room and told us to wait for a doctor. She started to wake up. Damn, she was so beautiful- her hair, her eyes. Maybe she's the one.
When she woke up, she was staring at me. I guess her vision was crearer.
" You- your Ni-niall Ho- Horan." she said, in shock.
Brees POV
That was Niall fucking Horan. I was talking to Niall fucking Horan
" And you are....." Niall said to me.
" Brielle Daniels. Call me Bree." I answered. He shook my hand.
Suddenly a nurse walked in. She examined my cut. " You'll need stitches. Hold your boyfriend's hand if you want to." she said. Niall held out his hand. I held it as the nurse stitched up my cut.
When she was finished, she put some bandages on my cut and gave me some pills. When she left, Niall was still holding my hand.
" So, Bree, you got a place to stay" Niall asked me.
" Actually I dont." I said. I just remembered Dallas kicked me out.
" Do you wanna stay with me?" he asked. I nodded and gave Niall a huge hug.
" Thank you so much" I whispered in his ear.
" Anything for you, babe." he whispered back
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