Safe and Sound

She could'nt leave. Not here. Not now. *DISCONTINUED*


6. NIALL!!

Brees POV

I just checked out. I bought panties, bras, tampons, razors, and a pack of pocket knives. I walked out and heard i guy scream and yell for help. He sounded familaf. NIALL.
I took out two pocket knives, one in each hand. I saw Niall, someone that looked like Dallas sitting on top of him, on the floor, motionless. I opened my knives and charged.
I was about to stab Dallas, but before I knew it, he tirned around pulled me down, grabbed the knives, stabbed both of my arms, then ran away. Niall army cralled toward me. He was trembling and crying slightly. I couldnt feel my arms.
He pulled out his phone and called 911. He said, " Some guy named Dallas Ruiz stabbed both me and my girlfriend. Please hurry." He hung up.
Niall layed next to me. We waited.

Nialls POV

Dallas. Mother fucking Dallas. He could of slit my throught, but he didnt have to stab Bree.
The paramedics placed Bree and I on gourneys and pulled us into the ambulence
We were in the hospital . Bree and I were in in the same room, upon Brees request. Luckely, I recovered fast, but Bree was still hurt.
" Bree. I'm sorry.." I said, my voice was trembling.

Brees POV

" It's okay babe. It was my fault." It was trully my fualt.
He kissed my forehead.


It was about ten in the morning. Niall was finally awake.
" Hey babe?" he asked.
" Yeah?" I replied.
" Can I be your boyfriend now?" he said, in a whiny, baby voice.
" But we did'nt have our first date yet."
" But I cant wait!"
" Fine."
" YES!!" he hugged me then kissed me playfully on my lips.
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