Safe and Sound

She could'nt leave. Not here. Not now. *DISCONTINUED*


3. Lets not rush it.

Brees POV
Niall put his arm around my waist and I put mine around his shoulder. We exited the hospital and he walked me to his apartment. We sat down on the couch.
" I think you have one your pills." Said Niall, pulling the orange pill jar out of his pocket. I swalloweda pill, and noticed the was blood all over his shirt and shoes. I think it was mine.
"Oh my god, Niall, I ruined your clothes!" I said. "Shit...." he cursed under his breath.
" I am so sorry!" I said, trying to wipe off the blood, but it already dried. " No, it's fine babe. I have a billion other shirts." Said Niall, taking off his shirt and tossing it in the trash bin. " These are old anyway." he continued, tossing his shoes in the bin as well. Niall kissed me and I kissed him back, then we pulled back. "Tell you what " said Niall, holding both of my hands. " Lets not rush it, okay? Lets just see how things turn out. Lets give it a few days." I smiled. " Couldnt agree more"
At around 9:00, Niall got up and said, " I'm hungry." Typical Niall. " I cant eat out like this." I said, pointing to my blood-stained tank top. " We'll eat here then" said Niall, pulling out packages of ramen noodles.
We finished eating, at about 11. I was sleepy.
" Niall, I cant wear jeans to sleep. " I said, pointing to my jeans. " No prob, babe. Just use my old clothes." Niall took my hand and lead me to his bedroom. I sat on the bed.Niall passed me a pair of basketball shorts that were too small for him to wear, and a tee shirt. " Dont look." I told Niall. He looked away as i changed. " Done." I said. He turned around, took off his jeans, and put on a pair of bigger shorts. He didnt wear a shirt. Not Suprised. Niall got out a blanket and a pillow and put them on the floor. I assumed it was for me, so I sat down on the blanket.
"You are definitly NOT sleeping there." said Niall, picking my up with his masculine arms and placing me down on the bed. " But I'M the guest." I said, sittling back down on the floor. " How about we both sleep on the bed?" he suggested, picking me up and tossing me on the bed. " Fine." I answered. "YAY! NIALLY GET TO SWEEP WIT MOMMY!!" said Niall in an adorable kiddy voice as he cuddled up next to me, trying not to touch my cut. When he fell asleep, I traced my finger around his abs, and poking all six of them. Damn, he was a heavy sleeper.
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