Safe and Sound

She could'nt leave. Not here. Not now. *DISCONTINUED*


1. Dallas

Bree's POV
"OH MY GOD!!! I HATE YOU!!!!" I yelled as he stormed out of the bedroom.
"Maybe you should think twice before you push meinto a corner of a table!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, pointing to a deep cut on his waist. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my stomach.
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BITCH!!!!!!!" he yelled as he pushed me out the door. I felt my stomach. There was blood. He cut me.
I ran as fast as I could, to the nearest hospital, which was two blocks away. The cut was gushing blood. My vision was gettimg blurry. Suddenly, I could'nt walk any longer . I just lyed on the ground, with my hand over my cut, waiting for help.
Niall's POV
The boys had their girlfriends over. I was just sitting there, watching telly, but every time I look back at them, I felt depressed. I just thought to myself, " Niall, your perfect girl will come, not now, but soon" I needed to get out before I start crying. Like now.
" Niall, 'where ya go-" I slammed the door behind me before Louis could finish. I wanted to take a walk. away from them.
I saw a young girl with wavy ginger hair with sparkling blue eyes. She was lying on the sidewalk, screaming for help. I needed to help her.
Bree's POV
A beutiful blonde haired boy ran up to me and picked me up.
" Dont worry love, we'll get there soon." he said in this adorable Irish accent.
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