My Heart Belongs To You

My first One Direction Fanfic.


1. Saying Goodbye


*YEAR 2008*   “STOP IT HARRY” I screamed as Harry kept splashing water on me.That little boy with those amazing green eyes always knew how to brighten up my day. After 11 years of being his best friend, he knew exactly what to do when I was feeling sad and down. “Uh uh, not before you say out loud that you are happy”   But.. was I even happy? My boyfriend had just dumped me after I said I wouldn’t have sex with him. I’m only 15 and not supposed to do that, and especially not with him, he wasn’t ‘the one’ for me, I could feel it..but on the other side, I had Harry. “I’m happy Harry, especially after you came. You never fail on making me smile, and I love that” “anything for you princess, as long as you don’t hug me, you’re all wet and full of grass” I smirked as he said that, and ran over to give him a big wet hug. “Ew Maisie stop! You’re ruining my new shirt” I didn’t stop.. We stood there out in the sun, and even thought he was struggling to get out of my hug, I wouldn’t let go. If it was my choice, we would be best friends forever. “Harry we are eating now, I mean it, it’s the third time I’m saying it and I’ll be pissed if you don’t come now!” That was Gemma, Harry’s big sister.. We had forgotten how many times she had been out here. “Can he eat at our place tonight Gemma? I have some things to tell them” I turned around and saw my mum coming out of the door and walking straight over to the hedge where Gemma was probably standing on her toes so that she could see us. I stood there, still hugging Harry and thinking over what she had to say? She looked kinda sad.. Like the day daddy died. Of course she was more than heartbroken back then, but I could see something was wrong. My thoughts was interrupted by Gemma saying something. “That’s great Gemma, say hi to your mom from me” my mother said and started walking inside of the house. Harry and I followed, hand in hand. He could also seen it in her eyes. I could feel him looking down at me, squeezing my hand. When I think about it, he actually was there that day, when mum came home, and her eyes were all red and puffy. I remember how terrible and tired she looked.. Tears came to my eyes as I started to remember what she had said to me and Harry.   “Are you okay Mais?” Harry asked worried “Yeah, I’m fine, just thinking of dad” He hugged me and whispered into my ear ‘He’s still here, I can feel it. He won’t ever leave your heart, and I won’t ever leave your side’  I smiled at him, and he smiled back. As we walked into the house, leaded by mum, I saw some boxes.. I haven’t seen them since we moved here so many years ago. And then it hit me “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TELL ME THAT WE ARE MOVING, ARE YOU? YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS MUM”   Before she even had the slightest chance to answer, I was already starting to cry, and as I was just about to yell at her for the second time Harry’s arms swung around me, and started crying as well.   In all these years of knowing him, he had never held me so tight. He knew it was one of the last times he would be able to do it. I peeked over Harry’s shoulders and saw my mother standing there like she had turned into stone. I could see that she a lot of things were running trough her mind right now. I moved away from Harry and looked at him. He also just stood there, looking like somebody was dead.   “When, where, and why are we moving mum?” I asked as her very angrily   “In a week, because I got a new job”     In a week? A WEEK???      “Where to mum?” I said, trying not to be too hard on her, even though I was so angry and disappointed. If I could, I would have hit her with a chair or something, but she was after all my mother, and the only family I had left here in england. Except for Harry and his family. “to..uhm..”     “WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE GOING MU-“     “TO NEW ZEALAND” she yelled back at me.     New Zealand, on the other side of the earth, and  we were moving in a week. In that very moment, I hated that woman with all my heart.     I ran into my room and landed on the bed so I could cry my eyes out. How sick was it.     I had to move from the amazing Holmes Chapel where I had lived basically all my life, to the other side of the world where I had no friends, no Gemma or Anne, but worst of all, no Harry.     My freaking best friend who knew me so well and always had all those good ideas of things to do. I actually thought about it, and he had to be the sweetest boy alive. And to top all of that, he had an AMAZING voice. I can’t tell how many times he had been singing for me before drifting of into a deep sleep.     *knock knock*  

“Hey Mais, how are you?”

      I looked up from my bed and saw Haz standing in the doorway with tears streaming down from his eyes.       “come here” I commanded and opened my arms so he could hug me. He laid down next to me, and instantly started singing, knowing that it would stop me from crying. After 20 seconds I fell asleep, still with tears streaming down my face.          *One week later*       “So, I guess this is goodbye Harry” I looked up at his beautiful face, and remembered all of the things we had been trough.   “Don’t say goodbye Mais, I promise you we will meet again one day..” I started crying again. I literally thought that I didn’t had more tears, since I had been crying for a whole week.         “Don’t cry” Harry said as he wiped away my tears. “What is there to be happy about? I’m loosing you, and all this..” and then I had more tears to come.   “I made this for you” Harry said and handed me a big frame. I looked at it and at all the pictures in it. It was pictures of us together. I smiled at how creative he had been and at all the details, like little chocolate stickers.   I can’t lie, chocolate is the best.   I gave him a big hug, and whispered ‘thank you’ and as I pulled away he gave me a peek on my chin.     “TIME TO GO MAISIE”   “Bye Harry, remember to call me, and come on facebook a lot!” I said to him as I walked over to the car.     As I sat in the car, ready to drive, I saw Harry knocking on my window. I rolled it down and to my big suprise, Harry said 4 words I have never in my whole life believed I should hear from him “I’ve always loved you” and then my mother drove of, leaving Harry to stand there with his mom and Gemma right behind him.
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