Ever left things to the last minute? This is an example of how things can go horribly wrong....


1. Procrastination

Ok. Don't panic. You still have twenty-four hours. Almost. I groaned and dropped my head on the table. Why did I have to leave everything to the last minute? I should have revised when I had the time. I shouldn't have listened to Daisy, that shopping trip was a mistake! I wasted a whole day staring at clothes, I could have memorised the formula for a linear graph at that time! Too late now.

So if y=2x+6 and if y= 12, then x must be... "Honey, I'm going out," mum called from downstairs. "Will you be alright for tonight? I'll be back by eleven if I can. I've left a tenner for your tea, you can order pizza if you like".

"I'll be fine mum! Honestly", I yelled back, burying my head in a book. I heard her footsteps languish into silence and then the faint bang of the door. Yes! I punched the air and grinned. I had the whole house to myself for the entire evening! Spend that time wisely, warned a tiny voice in my head. It was easy to ignore. I mean, it was only a couple of hours anyway, I still have plenty of time to revise later. I skipped downstairs and switched the kettle on to make hot chocolate. After ordering a pepperoni pizza with large fries and coke, I whipped out the collection of my favourite DVDs. Hmmm..Twilight or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1? Revise, a voice whispered. Later, I replied and brushed off the thought. Besides a movie will help me relax and soothe my nerves.

Four hours later... I brushed away tears from my damp cheeks. Edward is sooo romantic! I can't believe he'd leave Bella! I chewed the crust of my pizza feeling exhausted. I must get back to revising algebra, or I'm gonna totally screw up my exam! I reluctantly dragged myself upstairs and flopped in front of my textbook. So, if y=2x+6 and if y= 12, then x must be 12-6 which is.... Ping! I jumped and saw my blackberry flashing. Daisy must have just sent me a message, I'll check it later. It's probably not important anyway. So, back to maths.

Ping! Great! What now? I saw Daisy's face flashing on my phone. Why was she calling me? It must be urgent! I grabbed my phone off the bed and hit the call button.

"OMG! Why weren't you replying? I called you a million times!", came a breathless voice.

"I was busy," I snapped, gosh, I was seriously cracking under this pressure!

"Oh please? Would you help me with Latin? It's due in tomorrow," she whined. I sighed, this was going to be a long evening.

So back to algebra. I'd finished helping Daisy memorise her imperfect verb endings and I'd said goodnight and switched my phone off from further distractions. Ok. So, which page was it? Ah, yes, so 2x must be 12-6 which is 6. That would mean x = 6 divided by 2 which is....

Bang! The door slammed and I heard the clack of heels. Mum must be home, great! "What have you done to the living room?," I heard her shriek. My blood ran cold as I realised I'd littered the sofas with empty popcorn packets, half full cans of coke, and the pizza boxes strewn across the floor. Mum can't handle mess, she's the kind of person who arranges her room every morning and compels me to tidy my room at least twice a week. I dashed downstairs.

By the time the clock struck twelve, I'd finished scrubbing the floors and retired to my room, feeling like a depressed Cinderella. I crashed onto bed and shut my eyes.

The alarm screamed like a siren. Oh no. Time's up!

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