When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


7. The Phone Call (Harry's POV)

I was extremely bored. The boys and I were sat around watching TV. I couldn't stop thinking about Anna. She was beautiful. Would she text me or not?

I went into my bedroom to get my phone from on my bedside table. I laughed at the picture of me and Louis that was sat on my bedside table under my light. I clicked onto the Twitter app as I went into the main room and sat next to Louis on the comfy, red sofa.

I tweeted 'had a great day at the signing 2day. Met loads'a fans. now sat with boys:) x'

Then I tweeted Anna, 'Hope u had a lovely day. Happy Birthday. great2meet u. xx' I followed a couple of people and then my phone beeped and flashed. I had recieved a text from an unknown number. Could it be Anna?

"Hi Harry. It was gr8 2 meet u 2day. Thanks 4 the present, u shouldnt have! Anyway, once again, thankyou :) Love, Anna xx" It was Anna! My face lit up in a huge grin. I replied almost instantly,

"Hey Anna. It was lovely to meet u. Haha, glad u liked it and honestly, i know i didn't have to but I wanted 2. I always read ur tweets & they always made me laugh so I asked our manager to get u them! :) Love, Harry xx" I placed my phone on my chest waiting for the next message whilst watching TV. Liam had put Toy Story 3 in the DVD player. Once again, my phone flashed and beeped.

"Awh haha. Thankyou :) I read what u put in the back of my book, thankyou but i'm far from beautiful but thankyou anyway. Also, why did u want a picture? xxx" Anna replied.

"Did u like it? Haha. And yes! u r beautiful, i wouldnt have said it to you if i didnt think u were! I wanted a picture so that I can remember our first meeting. I dont want it to be our last. xxx" I answered. Then, I walked into my bedroom. I saved her number into my contact book and began to diall her number...

"Hello?" Anna said.

"Hi Anna, its Harry. You dont have to, but, I was, erm, just wondering if you would like to go out to dinner one night this week or something?" I asked her.

"Harry, i'd love that! That would be great!" she said. Her voice seemed to brighten up. I could tell she was smiling.

"How about tomorrow night? I know a great restraunt. Is that ok?" I said.

"Thats perfect Harry." she giggled.

"I will pick you up at 7pm then if that ok?" I asked.

"Yep, thats fine. I live at 27, Chestnut Avenue." she answered.

"No way? That's down the road from me!" I replied. My heart started to beat faster.

"Really?" I heard her giggle.

"Yeah! Anyway, I'll see you then! Good night Anna. Sweet dreams."

"Night Harry. Can't wait. See you then. Sweet dreams to you too." she replied then hung up. I smiled to myself.

When I looked at the time on my phone, it was nearly 11pm. I tweeted a quick goodnight to the fans and my followers and logged out.

I was so tired after a busy day at the signing that I decided to go to bed. I brushed my teeth, said goodnight to the boys, slipped my clothes off, shut the door of my bedroom and crawled into bed. The moment my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.


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