When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


22. Shopping (Anna's POV)

We finally reached our destination. It was a huge shopping centre.

"Ok so, Louis said to get Harry something from him and all the boys so... what should we get?" I asked, puzzled.

"Hold on..." El said and picked up her phone.


"Louis, what do you wanna get Harry?" Eleanor asked.


"Okay. Bye. Love you!" El smiled.

"Well...?" I asked El, after she hung up.

"He said, Harry has seen some hi-tops and he wants them, also, there's a really nice necklace pair that he's seen with a love heart on it and he wants your initials on it, and then you have one with his initials. They saw it the other day and Harry mentioned how he wanted it with you and him, but they didnt have time." Eleanor responded.

"Okay. First stop... Hi-tops!" I grinned and we ran to the shop that Louis said.

"There!" El smiled and pointed at the amazing hi-tops on the shelf. Also, they matched the picture Louis had sent her.

"Perfect." I smiled and picked them up. I checked the size and went to pay. I couldn't help but smile, this was going to be perfect.

"Shall we get a coffee now?" El asked as we exited the shop.

"Ok!" I laughed.

We strolled down to starbucks and grabbed a coffee. I love StarBucks, its amazing.


After drinking our coffee, we headed for the store that Louis mentioned. It took a long time to find the necklace pair, but eventually, we did. They were beautiful. I picked them up, carefully, and headed towards the counter.

"Hello." The friendly, plump woman at the counter smiled.

"Hi, could I please have some initials engraved on these please?" I smiled.

"Of course you can. What initials would you like?" she spoke, her high pitched voice, piercing through my ears.

"Could I have HS and AT please?" I asked, kindly.

"Yes sure... wait! You're... you're Harry Styles' girlfriend. And you're, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend." she squealed.

"Yes." El and I both smiled.

"Please may I have an autograph for my 2 daughters?" she begged and handed me and El a crumpled piece of paper. We signed our signature and I began to open my purse.

"What are you doing?!" El asked me, shocked.

"Im... urm, paying for Harry's present." I sighed, confused.

"NO! No you're not. It's not just Harry's present, it's yours too, so i'm paying for it!" El gasped.

"El, I cant make you pay for this." I frowned.

"You're not making me. I want to." she smiled, a kind smile.

"Elean-" I began but realised she had already handed over the money.

"Thankyou El." I smiled and hugged her tightly.

"No problem." Eleanor laughed.

"Here you go lovelies, here's your necklaces." the plump lady spoke up. Wow, that was fast.

"Thankyou." I said and we left the shop. Just then my phone rang.


"Hey babe." Came Harry's voice through the phone.

"Oh hey!" I smiled.

"What'cha up to?" Harrys voice spoke.

"Just shopping with El, what about you?" I giggled.

"Just at Nandos in that huge shopping centre place." Harry said, sounding bored.

"Oh, have a good time. I've gotta go. See ya soon. Love you lots babe." I smiled.


"Come on El. I fancy going to Nandos." I said to El.

"Yum. Me too!" she smiled. We headed up the stairs and walked into Nandos. There, sat infront of me, with his back to me, was Harry. I crept up behind him and placed my hands over his eyes and kissed his neck.

"Guess who?" I giggled.

"Urm, my beautiful girlfriend." Harry guessed. I removed my hands and sat on his knee, playing with his curls.

Before walking in, I had hidden all the presents in my huge handbag, so Harry couldnt be nosy and poke inside them.

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