When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


11. PIZZA (Harry's POV)

After Anna answered all my questions, I felt like I had known her forever. We both seemed to have so much in common.

Then there was a silence and I leaned in. Our faces were centimetres apart. I moved in slowly...


"Shi*!" I cursed under my breathe. It was the doorbell. I bet it was the pizza man.

I apologized and ran to the door. I shoved a £20 note in the delivery man's hand, told him to keep the change, thanked him and said goodbye. 'Way to ruin our moment!' I thought. I knew I had to call the boys down now for their food.

"Boys! Pizza!" I shouted up the stairs. Niall was the first one down, followed closely by Louis, then Zayn and lastly, Liam.

Once we all got our pizzas, we sat on the sofas and started to watch a movie. Anna was cuddled up next to me and my arms were wrapped around her. I noticed that Anna began to fall asleep so I decided that she should probably go home.

"Anna?" I asked, calmly.

"Hmm?" she mumbled.

"Come on, i'll take you home." I replied. I lifted her up and walked to the door. I didnt realise what time it was. It was now 10pm.

I opened the door and was greeted by a cold, harsh, wind. I gave her my hoodie that was lying on the table and walked her home.

I knocked on her house door, I think I had to apologize for bringing her back so late.

"Hello Mr Tomson. I've come to aplogize for bringing Anna back so late. We lost track of time."  I said, as confident as I could be.

"Its fine Harry. Please, call me Dan." her Dad replied with a warming smile.

"Goodnight Anna. Goodnight Dan." I said and shook Dan's hand and waved Anna goodbye. And with that, I walked away.

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