When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


13. Not Right Now (Harry's POV)

I fumbled with my house keys and opened the door. I quickly stumbled inside my house and slammed the door shut. I was furious. I stood at the door, heart pounding, facing the cold, tiled floor.

"Good night Haz?" Liam asked me, smiling, making me jump. I then looked up and noticed that all the boys were sitting on the sofa watching TV.

"Not Right Now!" I snapped. Liam looked at all the other boys, puzzled, and they all shared confused glances. I ignored this. 

I stormed into my bedroom and leapt onto my bed, hiding my face as tears streamed down my cheeks like a river. I felt a warm hand begin to rub my back and I froze still.

"What's up Haz?" It was Louis. I didn't answer. I didnt want anyone to see me crying, not even Louis. He continued to rub my back. "Haz? You can tell me..." Louis began. I decided I should tell him. I began to sit up, wiping the tears away from my face.

"Well...I...took Anna home...and everything was ok. I began to text her goodnight when I was walking home and...I heard someone...f...following me. I was too scared to turn around incase...it wasnt Anna... but I thought it could have been Anna returning my...hoodie so I turned around, but...it wasnt Anna." I stuttered.

"Who was it then?" Louis asked me, concerned. I paused.

"M, Maya." I stumbled and looked back to the floor.

"Wh? What did SHE want?" Louis asked me, furiously, emphasizing the 'SHE'. Louis was always protective over me because of her and he really didnt like her after what she did to me.

"She wanted ME!" I said and began to cry.

"You didnt!" Louis said, shocked.

"No! Of course not!" I pulled out my phone from my pocket, to see if Anna had replied to my text. She hadnt. Thats unusual, it said she had read it but not answered.

"What happened then?" Louis asked, a hint of anger in his voice. I then realised something. As I was texting Anna, I clicked on the wrong button. I clicked on the voice memo button and by accident clicked record, with panic because of my 'follower', I forgot to switch it off so I had mine and MAYA's conversation. YES! Proof!

I opened my voice memo app. There it was. I glanced up to see Louis staring at me intently and I pressed play. We sat in silence listening to the conversation. When it finally finished, Louis looked at me.

"So, Maya threatened you and you kissed her?" Louis asked.

"No! I tried to move away but she pulled me in. I pursed my lips together and pushed her away but I was a second late and our lips touched!" I sighed.

"And then?" Louis continued.

"And then, I ran away and she began to run after me. Then she "fell over" in her heels and I remembered what my Mum had always taught me and ran to help her. Then, I began to help her up but she pulled me on top of her." I said and began to cry again.

"Okay mate. Can I tell the boys?" Louis asked me.

"Yeah sure. Tell Liam I apologize for being an idiot, im off to bed. Im too tired." I replied and pulled my clothes off once Louis left. I brushed my teeth and slipped into bed.

The moment my head touched the pillow, I went into a deep sleep.

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