When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


3. Nerves... (Anna's POV)

As we were stood waiting I got incredibly nervous. I was SO nervous that I ran to the toilet. Harry caught my eye and we locked eyes. I found myself stop running, just to stare at him. His eyes were incredibly hypnotizing.

I went a deep red as he continued to stare, but he just smiled at me with his perfect teeth and smile. His dimples on full display. He was wearing chinos, hi-tops, a sexy jack wills shirt and one of his signature blazers. He snapped out of it as a fan shoved their book in his face. I giggled as he jumped. I ran as fast as I could to the toilet. Not wanting to look back.

After arriving back in the queue, Sara and Sophia were just 10 people away from the boys. I didn't scream or anything as Harry finds it annoying so I just wait as calmly as I possibly could.

I was wearing a low neck, pink shirt with the text, 'LIVE LAUGH LOVE' on it paired with my favourite skinny jeans and red converse. My hair was just casually tied in a messy bun on the top of my head and secured with an orange bobble. Oh, and dont forget the huge 1D birthday badge that the girls provided me with. Haha :')

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