When I Saw Your Face

Basically, Anna goes to a 1D Book Signing on her birthday.
Something happens, but what? Read on and all will be revealed.

This is my second Movella. Please read my others. :) ALL 1D RELATED! HAHA.


2. Birthday Surprise :) (Anna's POV)

I woke up the next day absolutely BUZZING! My family sung me happy birthday and gave me my cards. They lead me outside to where a beautiful range rover was parked with a pastel purple bow wrapped round it.

"I, is this mine?" I cried.

"Of course! You've passed your test, you can drive it to the signing today sweetie." My Mum answered with a huge smile. I ran up to my mum, dad and brother and gave them all a HUGE hug!

"Thankyou SO SO much! Its... WOW!" I squealed. I was so happy.

I recieved texts from the girls, had a birthday breakfast and headed to the signing in my new, amazing car. The car had that, 'new-leather' smell. The steering wheel was so smooth and the radio was amazing. I turned it up and 'WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL' came on. I sung as loud as I could. Luckily, the song ended as I parked my car at the shopping centre.

I met Sara and Sophia at the entrance and they both drooled over my car. :)

The queue had nearly finished when we arrived at 2.30pm, because the signing finished at 3pm- like I told the boys, I was last in line. I was 15 minutes away from meeting my idols! I could see the boys now.

The order was; Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis then Harry.

My heart started beating faster. Adrenaline flooded my small, curvy body.

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